Wondering if anyone is still here and able to help

Discussion in 'Sebring' started by Neerb, May 11, 2024.

  1. Neerb


    May 11, 2024
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    2001 Sebring. 2.7 V6. Probably the only one left on the road in my city. Had it parked for two years and broke the shifter cable trying to move it over the winter. Figure rock auto would save the day but apparently there's no listing for the V6 and the 2.4 is not compatible apparently. Any info on this is greatly appreciated. I'll figure out a way to join it depending on where it broke once I get looking at it. But prefer a new cable. Love this car. Such a sin that it's so hard to get parts for here where I am. Lucked into a 95 year old woman that couldn't drive anymore and her husband who bought it New and never winter drove it. Desperately need a line on how to acquire a shifter cable
    Neerb, May 11, 2024
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