Where's The Smoke? - Sea Foam Cleaner...

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Steve Reinis, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Steve Reinis

    Steve Reinis Guest

    I've heard the name tossed about a few times and people generally
    recommended Sea Foam as a good agent to remove carbon and so I picked some
    up today while I was at the auto parts store. $4 for a bottle so I figured
    I'd give it a shot.

    I added some to my fuel and also decided to try the trick of pouring some
    into the intake/carburetor while the engine is running. I did as it
    suggested, 1/3 of a pint slowly, then shut down the engine and waited five
    minutes. The bottle mentioned that fumes would be heavy for a bit, and I
    also heard from other users of this stuff that the engine will smoke like
    heck for a bit.

    Well, I got nuttin'! I started it back up and the exhaust was clean as
    could be... No odd odor, no smoke, no "fumes."

    Tried it twice and waited about ten minutes the second time around.

    What gives? Does no smoke mean that there was very little to no carbon,
    "debris" or deposits removed from my cylinders since my engine was pretty
    clean inside anyhow? Or does it mean that I wasted $4.00?

    The car is a 1987 Chrysler Fifth avenue with the 318/2bbl *without*
    LeanBurn... Just a standard 2bbl carb now and Mopar electronic ignition.

    Steve Reinis, Feb 13, 2004
  2. Steve Reinis

    Ted Guest

    So?? How's it run?? MPG change? Got some new under hood pics?
    Ted, Feb 13, 2004
  3. Steve Reinis

    Steve Reinis Guest

    Regarding the LeanBurn conversion, the engine looks the same as before with
    the addition of an orange box mounted on the firewall and a different
    colored distributor cap. I'm still using the original aircleaner with the
    LeanBurn computer attached to it because it's in such good shape and I want
    the car to appear stock. I kept the original carb and dizzy as well, so if
    I need to I can reinstall LeanBurn to pass emissions or sell the car.

    I'll get photos once the rain quits...

    Car runs smooooth now, I can definitely say that. Accelerates smoothly and
    with authority, idles without missing and chugging along like it was loading
    up... Cruises at 65 without speeding up and slowing down and shuddering.

    I need to burn a half tank of fuel or so before I can get an idea of where
    my fuel mileage went... up or down, or stayed the same. I was getting about
    18 around town and 21-22 on the highway. I'm hoping for at least 20MPG and
    I'll be happy as can be. It pings lightly under acceleration now, but I
    know that it from the advance being too loose... I need to pick up some
    original "tigher" springs for the distributor to hopefully fix that. The
    ignition kit I bought it actually the middle class performance package, but
    I got it for $99 on eBay!

    Steve Reinis, Feb 13, 2004
  4. Steve Reinis

    gil Guest

    I used GM top engine cleaner to Decarbonise my F150 engine which is supposed
    to be similar to sea foam.
    I used a piece of vacuum hose with one end attached to a plugged port on the
    vaccum tree and the other end in the can. Manifold vacuum sucks the cleaner
    out of the can. I didn't bother adding any cleaner to the gas tank. When I
    shut the engine off I waited an hour or so. Some suggest letting it sit
    overnight .

    The bottle mentioned that fumes would be heavy for a bit, and I
    At idle there was very little if any smoke. It only smoked when I revved the
    engine hard... a real thick, choking kind of smoke... The smoke lasted
    about 10 minutes or so.
    Overall the treatment cured a cold engine knock which I presume was due to
    carbon buildup.
    gil, Feb 15, 2004
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