Where can I get good price on PT wheel part?

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by TOM KAN PA, Aug 18, 2004.


    TOM KAN PA Guest

    I have a 2001 PT with the factory Chrome Plated Rims. I lost the center piece.
    It's a plastic disk about as big as an old silver dollar. $27.10 from a dealer.
    Any idea where I can get a better price on this item.
    Also, in about 500 miles, I "need" to have the spark plugs replaced and the
    power steering fluid changed. The dealer wants $115 labor to change the plugs
    and $75 to change the power steering fluid. This seems pricey. And why does the
    power steering fluid need to be changed?
    And no, I won't consider changing the plugs myself. They also said I could
    bring my own plugs. Any brand reccomended for better mpg?
    TOM KAN PA, Aug 18, 2004
  2. Changing plugs, uless they are buried deep in the engine compartment, are so
    easy to change I don't see why you wouldn't save yourself $115 to do it
    yourself. Price seems high since it shouldn't take that long to do. Same
    thing with the PS fluid. Very easily done.
    Alex Rodriguez, Aug 18, 2004

    SRG Guest

    HA! You've never looked into the engine compartment of a PT Cruiser, have
    you??? It really isn't hard, just a little more time consuming (compared to
    changing plugs on other cars). The throttle body sits behind the top of the
    valve cover, and 4 "fingers" go over the top of the valve cover, down in
    front of the engine. Needless to say, they completly cover the spark plugs.

    You need to disconnect about 6 sensors/vacuum lines to the throttle body, a
    couple of bolts under it, and 4 bolts holding the top half of the exhaust
    manifold (the fingers) to the bottom half. THEN you can change your plugs

    The added cost is because of the extra labor. Many PT owners get platinum
    plugs, so you don't have to change them so often.


    SRG, Aug 18, 2004

    pottsy Guest

    Hiya all,

    what engine are we talking here?

    I'm in the UK, the 2ltr petrol takes about 10 minutes to change the plugs,
    take the plastic cover off and there they are.

    pottsy, Aug 18, 2004

    Guest Guest

    It is likely the 2.4L engine sold in North America. There is alot of
    disassembly required to get them out. A real pain.
    Guest, Aug 18, 2004
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