voyager 3rd gear problems

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by timnjue, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. timnjue

    timnjue Guest

    hi all hope someone can help !!!!! just recently my 3.3le auto
    voyager started acting strange it would pull away normally go from 1st
    gear to 2nd fine, then when going from 2nd to 3rd it would rev higher
    than normall then the car would jerk slightly and fail to engage gear
    now it wont go higher tan second also it has started overheating it is
    not losing oil just lots of water and coolent i have checked the fuse
    for the fans but it seems as though they are not working any advice
    would be gratefuly apprewciated thanks everyone tim
    timnjue, Aug 16, 2008
  2. timnjue

    Bob Shuman Guest

    2nd gear is the "limp home" mode that the transmission computer reverts to
    when it is in "fail safe" mode. You need to determine why it is in that
    mode. Many times it is one of the speed sensors that has failed so that the
    computer cannot tell either the engine rotations/speed, or the drive
    shaft/wheel rotation/speed. If your speedometer is still working (driven by
    the output speed sensor), then this might indict the "input" speed sensor
    (there are actually two), which is a $30 part here in the US at the dealer.
    If it is not the speed sensor, then it could be a plugged trans filter (you
    do not provide mileage or maintenance history), or more likely, you may have
    a costly rebuild ahead of you.

    Either take a chance and replace the sensor (a few minute job) or take it to
    a competent place to get the trans computer scanned for codes to determine
    the source of the problem. Good luck.

    Bob Shuman, Aug 16, 2008
  3. timnjue

    maxpower Guest

    If this is a 3 speed transmission it wont have those sensors. Owner does not
    specify year of the vehicle or if it is a speed or 4 speed trans

    Glenn Beasley
    Chrysler Tech
    maxpower, Aug 16, 2008
  4. I think you should check the prices of used minivans in the used car
    lots and in the classified adverts in the paper before you spend any
    money on this van. You should know what the replacement cost would
    be since these symptoms usually indicate fairly expensive repairs and
    it is likely it would be cheaper to buy a replacement vehicle and sell
    yours to a breaking yard.

    In any case the first thing is you said your loosing coolant, well coolant
    doesen't just disappear it is going somewhere. Is it pouring out on to
    the street? If not, and if the coolant level is going down, then the
    coolant is either going into the oil pan and contaminating the oil or it
    is going out the exhaust pipe.

    Usually overheating in conjunction with coolant loss, and no visible
    leaks under the hood or under the engine, means the head gasket is
    blown and your coolant is going into the combustion chambers. It
    also means exhaust is going into the coolant which creates air pockets
    which kill your coolant flow. You also can easily have coolant going
    into the oil, where it will destroy your rod and main bearings.

    This, in conjunction with a transmission rebuild, is almost certainly
    going to cost more than a really nice used minivan.

    Ted Mittelstaedt, Aug 17, 2008
  5. timnjue

    timnjue Guest

    hi all the mileage is just under 130,000 the transmission fluid was
    changed recently and the car was manufactured in 1997 the car service
    history is not present with the car but was running perfectly before
    the gear problems and as for the coolant the steam from the radiator
    is coming out of the filler cap and also losing some from underneath
    the car hope this helps the engine still runs as good as when i
    briught it thanks tim
    timnjue, Aug 17, 2008
  6. I'm pretty sure the 97 with 3.3L had the electronic transmission so the
    advice from
    another poster regarding the input speed sensor is on target - if
    replacing that sensor doesen't fix it, the transmission likely needs to
    be rebuilt. In the US it's about a $1,500.00 USD bill. Have the
    local Chrysler dealership scan the transmission with their scantool
    just to make sure that the transmission computer is OK and to make
    sure it's not some other easily fixed sensor, then take the output of
    that to a transmission rebuilder who you trust.

    More info here:

    For positive confirmation it is a 41TE, what is the shift pattern on
    the gear selector?
    OK, so your radiator cap is bad, replace it.
    Well, this is better than a head gasket leak, but you definitely
    do NOT want to run the car until you get this fixed. Coolant leaks
    can sometimes be hard to find. Your going to have to jack up
    the van and get underneath it and spend a long time looking. Check
    all of the hoses carefully for cracks, and check the radiator for
    a split seam. Sometimes you have to fill the radiator up with
    water and run the engine until the leak starts flowing to find the
    The 3.3L was a solid engine which usually would give
    200+ thousand miles if taken care of. But a cooling system
    leak is nothing to fool with, and if left uncorrected it will
    destroy even the best engine design out there.

    Ted Mittelstaedt, Aug 17, 2008
  7. timnjue

    timnjue Guest

    hi the shift pattern is P,R,N,D,3,L ill get the sensor checked then
    let you know thanks tim
    timnjue, Aug 17, 2008
  8. timnjue

    Bob Shuman Guest

    From the shifter pattern, you have the electronic 4-speed transmission.
    Either get the computer scanned to learn the root cause and make a
    determination on the next step, or if you are feeling lucky, simply replace
    the input speed sensor (assuming your speedometer is still working) yourself
    and save the diagnostic fee. This is the sensor that tells the transmission
    computer the engine's RPM. The computer uses this together with the vehicle
    speed (output speed sensor) to determine the proper gear to use. Without one
    or the other inputs, it reverts to the fail safe second gear.


    hi the shift pattern is P,R,N,D,3,L ill get the sensor checked then
    let you know thanks tim
    Bob Shuman, Aug 17, 2008
  9. timnjue

    timnjue Guest

    hi mate ive just looked under the car and there is a leak so ill look
    into getting the hoses checked and the system tested
    timnjue, Aug 17, 2008
  10. <
    < hi mate ive just looked under the car and there is a leak so ill look
    < into getting the hoses checked and the system tested.

    As a thought, if your van has the rear heat and/or A/C the metal heater
    coolant lines tend to rust through and leak.
    Daniel Who Wants to Know, Aug 20, 2008
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