voyager 2.5td problem!(1998)

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by dandiesel, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. dandiesel

    dandiesel Guest

    hi i have a 1998 voyager 2.5td ,the problem i have is that it randoml
    cuts out the glow plug light flashes ,switch off ignition then it wil
    start first time and maybe ok for the rest of the day or weeks or it ma
    do it a couple of times the same day,seems to do it when slowing dow
    like today my wife was stopping at some traffic lights it cut out an
    has been fine for the rest of the day
    i have changed the crank sensor it has been just over week sinc
    changing the sensor,also have pulled on the loom with it running couldn
    get it to faulter
    iam a bit reluctant to have it plugged in at chrysler for them not t
    find a fault ,i have tried the dash menu but no stored codes and hav
    had it plugged into a solus scanner again no fault stored

    hope some one can help
    dandiesel, Oct 16, 2010
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