vibration dampener is wearing it's way through the timing cover! (92XJ 4.0)

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by elijahs, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. elijahs

    elijahs Guest

    Hi folks; started noticing an oil leak this week and went in to take a
    look. I've discovered a condition that's puzzling and I can't find
    anyone else on this list or the web describing something similar, so
    here goes:

    the vibration dampener appears to have moved rearward and is cutting a
    groove into the timing cover. the oil is leaking down around the
    dampener at a reasonable rate while the engine is running. I've never
    had the timing cover off before so I'm not super familiar with the
    layout in there - but I do have the shop manual.

    So, the only puller I had laying around was a 3 jaw type - got it on
    to the dampener and managed to pull the outer pulley donut off without
    the middle piece of the dampener budging. Oops - didn't realize they
    were constructed that way - so I'm off to get a proper balancer puller
    today (and, I guess, a new dampener at the junkyard).

    But what I realized was that, actually, it was that outer donut of
    metal that I managed to pull off that had actually worked it's way
    rearward and was cutting the groove into the timing cover. What
    caused this? I looked at the TSBs this morning and noticed one about
    the power steering pulley being misaligned - I'm in town and not near
    the vehicle but is this the sort of effect that condition would have?

    Oddly - I replaced my water pump last year that had a failed bearing
    and a similar issue - the pulled had worn a groove into the housing.
    Is there something else here I'm not considering that could be causing
    the belt to "push" these pulleys rearward?

    Is this oil seal what I should be looking at replacing? is it
    possible to do without the "special tools" mentioned in the manual?

    Finally - in the last year I notice an intermittent, loud clank-clank-
    clank at idle, especially when the idle drops too low for a period
    (it's an older truck and I live in the jungle). It goes right away at
    1000+ rpms and there's no noticeable effect on performance so I wrote
    it off as a loose heat shield sorta thing but now I'm wondering if it
    might be related (loose pulley key or something?) or if I should be
    otherwise worried about it.... .

    thanks in advance!

    elijahs, Apr 5, 2008
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  2. elijahs

    Mike Guest

    Seems to be a common way for the virbration damper to fail.

    the oil is leaking down around the
    Did the seal fail or did the damper rub a hole through the cover ?

    Most likely cause, poor construction.

    I looked at the TSBs this morning and noticed one about
    No. The power steering pulley would probably cause the belt to jump off or
    wear funny.
    The damper failed, get a new one.

    Is it leaking ? If it were mine I would replace the seal now, while it is
    all apart.

    is it

    Don't know, don't have a manual to look at. Usually all you need is
    something to pry the old seal out with and I always ued a large socket, same
    size as the seal, to drive the new one in with.

    That's usually the noise that the damper makes when it fails like it did. I
    think when you replace the damper the noise will be gone.

    It goes right away at

    You can start with the belts off, but with the damper still on, and see if
    it makes any noise.
    Mike, Apr 5, 2008
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  3. elijahs

    elijahs Guest

    Awesome, thanks Mike!
    elijahs, Apr 5, 2008
  4. I'm with Mike on this one - a new damper, not a junkyard one. They fail
    with age.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Paul of Dayton, Apr 7, 2008
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