Trunk part for 2000 Chrysler Cirrus

Discussion in 'Cirrus' started by KirkM, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. KirkM

    KirkM Guest

    I am trying to identify this part for a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus.

    It is a rubber boot that carries the wiring from under the rear
    window, to the trunk lid. The old one has cracked, and fallen apart.

    I went to the dealer and looked at the exploded parts diagham on the
    computer, and it doesn't show it.

    Doe anyone know what this part is called, and have a P/N for it?


    KirkM, Mar 19, 2010
  2. KirkM

    Bill Putney Guest

    This doesn't help you, but I'm thinking it would come with the harness,
    not as a separate part. Possibly it has to be put onto the harness
    bundle before the connector bodies are put on.

    Maybe cut some wiring out of a junk yard car and splice it in?
    Bill Putney, Mar 20, 2010
  3. KirkM

    Licker Guest

    I have to agree with Bill that it is probably part of the wiring harness and
    can not be purchased separate. However I disagree about cutting the wires
    and splice them in from a used juck yard part. Any time you have to spice
    you are just asking for problems to occur.

    What I would do is look to purchase a plastic wire loom that is the right
    size for the wires. This can be purchased in most auto parts place. A
    plastic wire loom is the corrogated plastic that has a split down one side
    so that you can place it over the wire. It is self closing but can then be
    cabled tied closed or electrical taped to ensure it stays closed on the

    See link for an idea what I am speaking about.|4163404118&gclid=CPzmj7PuzKACFQmfnAodB3-l0w

    Licker, Mar 22, 2010
  4. KirkM

    Bill Putney Guest

    Depends on who does the splicing and how they do it (i.e., solder and
    double shrink wrap with the splice back in a part that isn't exposed to
    the elements and doesn't get flexed with trunk lid opening/closing, for
    example). :)

    Yeah - the loom idea wouldn't be bad.
    Bill Putney, Mar 22, 2010
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