transmission and throttle position sensor in 93 dakota?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by starburst, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. starburst

    starburst Guest

    Hi folks-

    I recently bought a 93 dakota (extended cab, v6, 4x4, auto) to use as a
    work truck. Needed new shocks in front and brakes, which I put in
    without any trouble - it's a nice roomy car to work on. Otherwise it's
    been pretty dependable engine-wise.

    It's started developing an intermittent tranny problem, though. When I
    got it on the highway after I bought it, I noticed that it tended to
    shift down into third a lot when going up minor hills. Now it's started
    to not want ot go into fourth at all. I'll get it every once in a while,
    but mostly it's driving in third. Bad on gas mileage.

    The previous owner said he had the tranny rebuilt a year or so ago. I
    noticed that the transmission fluid level was very high, so I pumped out
    a quart or so to get it into the right area on the dipstick. It's made
    no difference. The button that should disable OD is missing from the
    dash. The tranny shifts smoothly in every other gear and reverse.

    So any thoughts on what might be causing this? I've read that the
    throttle position sensor can cause problems going into 4th gear. Could
    this be the trouble for a 93? Any procedure on how to test it? Does this
    truck store codes? First Dodge - still learning my way around it.

    In the Land of Rust (central NY)
    starburst, Jun 11, 2007
  2. starburst

    philthy Guest

    did you retrieve any fault codes using a scan tool?? that would be the first
    philthy, Jun 12, 2007
  3. starburst

    starburst Guest

    Thanks for the response, philth. I tried the "turn on off on off on" to
    blink the codes, but got nothing, so I'm assuming there are no codes
    stored. Is there a scanner port on the 93 Dakota?

    Today I drained and refilled with the latest Chrysler ATF and put in a
    new filter. It took alot of fluid (1 1/2 gallons without draining the
    diff or torque converter), so I'm assuming that someone put in a deeper
    pan. The tranny also looked good inside - no visible signs of wear, no
    chunks in the pan...etc. Just a little bit of metal filings on the magnet.

    Also tried disconnecting the battery for a while to see if the tcu might
    reset itself, but no dice. Yesterday I had OD, today I didn't.
    Temperature and load seem to make no difference.

    I can drive it in third - mostly I want to use it for bringing supplies
    to a house my wife and I are renovating, and hauling debris away. But
    I'd sure like to find an answer. The car sat for several months without
    being driven, if that matters.

    Could it be maybe a solenoid?

    starburst, Jun 13, 2007
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