TIP:1994 Chrysler New Yorker Headlamp Replacement

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Bill Hodgson, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Bill Hodgson

    Bill Hodgson Guest

    This is a tip for first timer's "1994 Chrysler NY burned-out head light

    To access the headlamp area, the cover along the top of the front section,
    covering the headlamp and radiator front area, must be removed by removing
    all the top screws holding it on. Easy! I also removed the plastic grill
    between the right and left headlamps (lower sides POP-out after removing top
    screw from each corner top-side) but I don't think that was necessary. But
    it gets it out of the way to avoid damage

    I have the Service Manual for this car, ref page "8L-14 LAMPS" "HEADLAMP
    MODULE". The pictures do not provide the important information on how the
    "LAMP MODULE" is attached to the "MOUNT ADAPTER". The instructions "(3)
    Remove screws holding headlamp module to mount adapter." and "(4) Separate
    headlamp module from mount adapter." don't help. There are no "screws"
    holding the headlamp module to the mount adapter.

    There are (3) ea steel ball-head bolts attached to the mount adapter. There
    is (1) ball-head on the top and (2) ball-heads on the bottom. The secret is
    to "POP" the ball-head from the plastic "V" wedge that is integral to the
    headlamp module (on the top, use a flat blade screwdriver and carefully pry
    the ball-head from the "V" wedge without damaging the plastic "V").
    "Limited" (read: NO) access to the bottom ball-heads, therefore, after
    removing the top ball-head from the headlamp module, tilt the headlamp
    module forward, raising the rear while lowering the front slightly and while
    firmly holding onto the lampmodule, "RIP" out the bottom ball-heads from the
    headlamp module. (It takes some strength to overcome the friction and
    built-up contamination).

    With the headlamp module removed from the mount adapter, it's easy to remove
    the headlamp bulb from the headlamp module by rotating the retaining-ring
    from the headlamp module.

    Replace the failed bulb, install the retaining-ring onto a new bulb and
    install bulb in headlamp module. Position and rotate locking cap. Then
    "PUSH-POP" headlamp module's "V" wedge back onto ball-head bolts. The wedges
    are designed so that they are easier to install than remove from the

    No need to remove the bumper fascia (see Manual page 13-1)or the headlamp
    module mount adapter (2 easily accessed screw bolts on top, one bolt at each
    lower-front side and one more at lower bottom center. The three bottom bolts
    require the removal of the bumper fascia, see Manual page 8L-15: HEADLAMP

    If removed, replace the center grill (lower side ends POP-on and screws
    attach each corner top side). Replace the cover along the top of the front
    section, covering the headlamp and radiator front area.

    - Bill
    Bill Hodgson, Feb 14, 2004
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