The traction lock light will pop up in a different place on dash and i loose power

Discussion in 'Chrysler 200' started by Julie, Jun 10, 2024.

  1. Julie


    Jun 10, 2024
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    Hello, about 1 week ago my traction light popped on and I lost power. It would not go past D3 gear and then on the screen it sait Performance shifter (meaning paddles) were unavailable. I never ever use paddles. I tried everything. So all of a sudden I pulled over, turned off car and reset it. It ran perfectly. Yesterday same thing happened and it would not clear. I had to call tow truck to get it home.. I can drive it or hobble it to mechanic until that light pops on again.. From what I understand the car brain will hold that code for 40 days. No one can wait 40 days... Anyone understand what is going on?
    Julie, Jun 10, 2024
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