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Discussion in 'Other Models' started by steve, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. steve

    DeserTBoB Guest

    It was. Plymouth was Chrysler's head-on competitor for Ford's Ford
    Division and GM's Chevrolet Division for years. Since GM has managed
    to lose all brand identity through years of "badge engineering" and
    morphing of all formerly semi-autonomous divisions into just combined
    operations, DC no longer felt the Plymouth marque was of any value,
    preferring to hold on instead to the more valuable Dodge marque as
    their "bread-and-butter" line. A mistake? No...Dodges have been
    gussied up/better equipped Plymouths and vice versa since at least the
    mid 1960s. With that, they've also allowed Dodge-type product to slip
    into the Chrysler marque, such as minivans and the PT, which in
    another time, would've probably been Dodge branded products.
    DeserTBoB, Oct 6, 2006

  2. 3 posts by you in this thread- with no replies

    get the picture, troll ??
    duty-honor-country, Oct 6, 2006
  3. steve

    Joe Guest

    Uh, Plymouth is gone. So DC's "standard" line is now Dodge.

    Loosely put, Dodge is to Chrysler as Chevy is to Cadillac (especially
    the SUVs), except on the GM side the performance is reversed. Cadillac
    offers the most overall performance compared to the other GM divisions.
    Joe, Oct 7, 2006
  4. steve

    DeserTBoB Guest

    Odd the way things have unraveled over the years. Back when Chrysler
    was the #2 of the Big 3, they were a full line manufacturer, with the
    economy Plymouth at the bottom battling with Chevrolet, and a marque
    to compete with just about every GM offering. Ford passed up Chrysler
    due to increased sales due to Ford's completely new '49 models that
    included popular Merc and Lincoln models. I believe Ford ran around
    Chrysler in 1952, even though Ford was still clinging to its
    hopelessly outdated flathead V8s, while Chrylser had such things as
    Gemmer power steering, air conditioning and their new hemispherical

    In the '50s, De Soto competed with Oldsmobile directly, with flashier
    styling and "Firedome" hemis. Chrysler chose to abandon that market
    segment, probably because of Ford's resurgent Mercury lineup, in the
    '60s. By 1961, De Soto was basically a stripped down Chrysler Newport
    with a really funky looking grille, and nothing more. Dodge more or
    less, especially after Exner started stirring the styling pot,
    competed directly with Pontiac Division, while Chrysler itself ate
    away at Buick. The Imperial competed directly with Cadillac into the
    '60s, but fell flat later on.
    DeserTBoB, Oct 7, 2006
  5. steve

    Joe Guest

    It don't take much to keep you boys entertained, does it? This has got to be
    the least interesting off-topic thread wreck I've ever seen.
    Joe, Oct 7, 2006
  6. steve

    Joe Guest

    Well, _you_ read it, eh?
    Joe, Oct 8, 2006
  7. steve

    DeserTBoB Guest

    That's right, eh.

    Which Joe is Joe??? Who's on first??
    DeserTBoB, Oct 8, 2006
  8. steve

    Joe Guest

    Gotta read the headers.
    Joe, Oct 8, 2006
  9. steve

    Count Floyd Guest

    My grandfather wouldn't have anything BUT a Dodge! He really knew
    that they were, as the ads said, "Dependable". He love FluidDrive as
    he didn't like shifting, but still kept his left foot touching the
    clutch out of habit! I wish that he would have kept his Dodges, a 50,
    51,55 and his last one, a 64 Dart.
    Count Floyd, Oct 8, 2006
  10. steve

    Joe Guest

    No. After you said "Dodge is to Chrysler as Chevy is to Cadillac " that was
    as far as I got. You're right of course, and I agree completely.
    Joe, Oct 9, 2006
  11. steve

    Jalapeno Guest

    Yes, I know that. Hence the term "was". ;)
    And this was the point of my article, Dodge is still the "performance"
    line. Just because Plymouth is gone doesn't make Dodge "standard". It
    was a less than perfect analogy to begin with, anyway.
    Um, no. I see it as "Dodge is to Chrysler as Pontiac is to Cadillac".
    Jalapeno, Oct 9, 2006
  12. steve

    Steve Guest

    That's the rub- its a very imperfect analogy as there was a lot of
    overlap. I doubt that owners of Plymouth Barracudas, Roadrunners, or
    GTXs would agree that their cars are "standard" (if anything, the GTX
    was a bit nicer than its Dodge equivalent, the Coronet R/T- and I say
    that as an owner of a Coronet R/T). And I doubt that you'd get much
    argument that a slant-6 Dodge Dart is a "performance" car any more than
    a slant-6 Valiant.

    Fast forward to the 90s up to the end-of-life for Plymouth, and I still
    wouldn't agree that Plymouth was the "standard" necessarily. However, it
    was neglected to death. It never got an LH car, and its only "special
    interest" car was the Prowler, which was a little TOO "special" for most

    You can argue over that all you want, but the one definite is "Plymouth
    is to Chrysler as Oldsmobile is to GM." I mourn the passing of both of them.
    Steve, Oct 9, 2006
  13. steve

    DeserTBoB Guest

    Saw a purple one on the street yesterday...I instantly wanted one! An
    OEM street rod...a great project car, but not for the faint of heart.
    DeserTBoB, Oct 9, 2006

  14. especially for you, since no one answers your posts anymore, you've
    been outed as a troll, and you don't even know your wrench sizes.

    Prowler for you ?? that's a're driving a 1978 HONDA,
    remember ? Your other car is a 1986 Chrysler POS.

    where would YOU get money for a Prowler ? Your only prerequisite for a
    car, is gas mileage. You can barely fuel a 4-cylinder, let alone a V-8
    performance rod.
    duty-honor-country, Oct 10, 2006
  15. steve

    Dave Guest

    The Prowler only had a V-6, not a V-8.
    Dave, Oct 10, 2006
  16. steve

    DeserTBoB Guest

    He wouldn't know. Charlie Nudo aka "duty-onner-country" (also aka
    "D-O-C", hence the misspelling of "honor") is the "Dumpster Diver from
    Drums." He thinks GM crap is somehow good, and only came into this NG
    to harass and stalk me.

    But yes...I wouldn't mind having a Prowler for a grocery
    getter...except they don't hold many groceries!
    DeserTBoB, Oct 11, 2006
  17. What do you expect from Charlie Nudo? He's only here to troll.
    Charlie Deludo, Oct 11, 2006
  18. steve

    DeserTBoB Guest

    ....and to "dildow" himself.
    DeserTBoB, Oct 11, 2006
  19. steve

    who Guest

    The best.
    My '95 Concord is running too well to trade. Engine, transmission and
    body are almost as new, with no repairs, just normal maintenance service.

    Thank goodness Chrysler stopped making cars that interest me. <:)
    who, Oct 18, 2006
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