Suspension problem with '98 Neon?

Discussion in 'Neon' started by Glenn Shaw, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Glenn Shaw

    Glenn Shaw Guest

    This is an odd problem, but I'll try to explain as best as I can.

    About a month and a half ago, I noticed that my '98 Neon Highline Sedan
    started to "lean" in turns while driving on the interstate. Now I know
    cars are supposed to lean in turns, but the way my Neon leaned made me
    feel uncomfortable -- in right-hand turns, if felt like the car wanted
    to roll to the outside, while in left turns (especially banked ones)
    and on steep hills, if felt like the car wanted to roll and pitch back
    toward the left rear corner to an excessive degree.

    I suspect a weak spring in the left rear strut assembly, but the two
    mechanics I took the car to couldn't find anything wrong (they each went
    out on test drives with me, but I suspect that their sitting in the
    front passenger seat during the drive masked the problem), and thus were
    reluctant to even commit to making a repair.

    I'm taking it to a third mechanic this weekend to see if he can resolve
    this problem, but I'm not optimistic about my chances. But I feel that I
    need to get this problem fixed quickly, or I'll find myself in a world
    of hurt -- or worse -- when winter comes. :(

    For the record, my Neon, as I mentioned, is a 1998 Highline Sedan, with
    81,000 miles on the odometer. According to the FAQ at, it's
    equipped with the SDC Touring Suspension.

    Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

    Glenn Shaw, Oct 31, 2003
  2. Glenn Shaw

    Art Begun Guest

    Seems like the mechanic should drive the car without you or you behind
    him in the back seat.
    Art Begun, Oct 31, 2003
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