Strange Problem with my Dodge 600 SE 1987

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by nxtort, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. nxtort

    nxtort Guest

    Hello Everyone,
    I am looking for any advice or suggestions.

    Symptoms :
    The car runs great, you can drive it for 150-200 kms no problem. If you
    stop the car it will not start again for 24-48 hours sometimes longer.
    Pouring gas or quickstart into the top makes the car sputter attempt to
    start and then die again. Almost like it's not getting the gas it

    Parts Replaced So Far :
    Fuel Filter
    Fuel Injector Pump
    Vapor Control Unit [books says can prevent starting when hot]
    Computer Unit

    I have no idea where to look next, as you can see it's a strange
    problem. Any help ideas or suggestions are very much appreciated.
    Normally I would just find another car, but this one is in such great

    nxtort, Jul 20, 2006
  2. nxtort

    philthy Guest

    fuel pump relay on left strut tower might be the culprit or maybe the asd
    philthy, Jul 21, 2006
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