Replace solenoid pack on Voyager

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by Whoever, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Whoever

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    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to replace the solenoid pack on a '97
    Voyager (3.3L V6/41TE) without taking the whole transaxle unit out?

    IF so, where is the solenoid pack and how do you get to it?
    Whoever, Aug 17, 2003
  2. Whoever


    Subject: Replace solenoid pack on Voyager
    Yes u can. In the front of it just follow the huge wire harness down-the
    connector in the top of the solinoid body is held by a 10mm bolt-take it out
    and pull up on the connector. There are more 10mm bolts holding the solinoid
    body on to the trans. You probably have a black insulator cover over the
    body-remove it. Also once you have the new solinoid on-yer gonna need an inch
    pound torque wrench for the final torque. Try to borrow a repair manual for
    this trans or photocopy the pages to walk you through it. Also unless the area
    of the solinoid body is free of crud-pressure wash the area before removing the
    body. Once you take it off you will see why being clean is so important. Good
    luck to you.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Loren Knighton
    Woodland, CA.

    Under the hood since 1964
    Member TRNI IATN
    BACKNCARDR, Aug 17, 2003
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