(Recommendations) Ones I found useful: Consumer Rights Trouble, 2005 car reviews & Car Safety Seats

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by autoguy1980, May 31, 2005.

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    Hi everyone. Here you are, I'm saring some ones I found useful:

    10 best cars for 2005:

    "All 10Best nominees are either new or significantly updated for 2005".
    * Categories are:
    Best Sports Sedan
    Best Luxury Sedan
    Best Luxury Sports Sedan
    Best Performance Car
    Best Full-Size Sedan
    Best Wagon
    Best Muscle Car
    Best Family Sedan
    Best Sports Coupe
    Best Luxury Sports Car
    Find out who are the ones selected!.


    Consumer Rights Trouble:

    "75% of people surveyed would rather go to the dentist than a car
    ....are you one of those? Be one of them no more with this really useful
    articles collection.
    Covers many worthy topics such as:
    · The Art Of Car Buying
    · Car Buying Vocabulary
    · Used Car Options
    · Car Trade In
    · Should You Lease Or Purchase?
    · Other Resources
    Definitelly a must for any person who is into cars.


    Car Safety Seats Guide.

    Really "meaty" article with plenty of information, comparisons, etc.

    · Important safety rules
    · More!

    URls are cloaked since some sites don't like inbound links from USENET
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    Have fun and enjoy your life in a good manner.
    autoguy1980, May 31, 2005
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