rare spare piece egr pipe tube

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by Jean Pierre, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. Jean Pierre

    Jean Pierre

    Jul 28, 2022
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    Hey folks,
    My egr tube is leaking through a crack. It looks impossible or very hard to weld it and the spare part is just super hard to find.
    I'm french I live in Normandy and chrysler voyager are quite confidential here in France. Plus this spare part suffer of a conception issue. It always break with vibration on the engine. On the voyager v problem was solved. Too late for me.
    I can have an adress in the us where I can order the piece and send it to france. Problem is that i'm not familiar with us opportunities to find second hand spare pieces.
    Can you help me with it?
    I work so much on my grand voyager. And now it is not working because of that dam pipe![​IMG] This is what it looks like
    Jean Pierre, Jul 28, 2022
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