Questions about new Challenger: engine options, how much Mercedescontent?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by MoPar Man`, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. MoPar Man`

    MoPar Man` Guest

    Anyone know what engine and transmission options the upcoming
    Challenger will have, and how much Mercedes content (suspension and
    other stuff) it will have?

    Will Chrysler show it at the 2008 Detroit auto show in January? (did
    they show it at previous auto shows?)

    Anyone know how long Chrysler will continue to be using Daimler parts
    in their cars? Anyone seen the USD:Euro exchange rate lately?
    MoPar Man`, Sep 13, 2007
  2. MoPar Man`

    NapalmHeart Guest

    US$ to Euro was about $1.39/Euro 9-12-07.
    NapalmHeart, Sep 13, 2007
  3. MoPar Man`

    Steve Guest

    Rumor and common sense both say it will share the exact same
    engine/transmission options as the 300/Magnum/Charger, except that it
    may not offer the 2.7 v6 but instead start with the 3.5. That would mean
    3.5, 3.5HO (maybe only v6?) 5.7, and 6.2 Hemis. There's not really any
    "Mercedes content" at all. Some of the suspension components are derived
    from the general E-class Benz system, and the transmission for the v8s
    (at least some versions of it) is Benz-derived but its both modified
    from Benz production units and is built in Kokomo right next to all the
    others. All the v6s get either a 4-speed version of the 42LE, or a
    5-speed derivative similar to what's in the Pacifica except laid out for

    They never DID, other than the Common-Rail Diesel engine that briefly
    appeared in the Jeep Liberty, and of course the Crossfire was totally
    Benz other than the coachwork. Obviously they'll quit basing future
    designs on Benz designs altogether, but there was NEVER a "common parts
    bin" as some people seem to think.
    Steve, Sep 13, 2007
  4. MoPar Man`

    kmath50 Guest

    Will the Challenger be assembled in Brampton, Ontario along with the
    Charger & Magnum?

    kmath50, Sep 14, 2007
  5. MoPar Man`

    Jalapeno Guest


    February 13, 2007

    Ontario to become home of the all-new 2008 Dodge Challenger

    Brampton, Ontario plant will begin production in the spring of 2008
    Plant will become Chrysler Group's first to build four different
    DaimlerChrysler's commitment to Canada continues
    Countdown begins for highly-anticipated sports coupe
    Toronto, Ontario -

    DaimlerChrysler announced today that the all-new 2008 Dodge Challenger
    will be built at its Brampton Assembly Plant near Toronto.

    "It's good news that the Dodge Challenger will be added to the
    Canadian production line-up," said Reid Bigland, President and CEO of
    DaimlerChrysler Canada. "Quickly bringing desirable new products such
    as the Dodge Challenger to market is critical to keeping our plants
    humming, and our dealerships busy."

    The Brampton plant also produces Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, and
    Dodge Magnum and works on three shifts. The Windsor (Ontario) Assembly
    Plant also works on three shifts and produces Dodge Grand Caravan and
    Chrysler Town and Country minivans as well as Chrysler Pacifica.
    Production of the Dodge Challenger will begin next year and
    preparations to ready the plant are already underway.

    "Brampton is our first plant to demonstrate the ability to build four
    models on one line," said Frank Ewasyshyn, Executive Vice President -
    Manufacturing, Chrysler Group. "As we continue to expand our new model
    line-up and further implement our flexible manufacturing strategy,
    other facilities will also have this capability."

    Lean manufacturing and product development strategies also allow the
    Chrysler Group to bring new models, like the Dodge Challenger, to
    market more quickly. First revealed as a concept vehicle at the North
    American International (Detroit) Auto Show in 2006, it was announced
    this past summer that the 2008 Dodge Challenger would be going into
    production in 2008.

    Riding a wave of fan anticipation, a new clock will be on display
    along with the Dodge Challenger concept car to count down to the
    unveiling of the production version of the car at the Chicago Auto
    Show next year. Today, the count-down clock shows 358 days.

    "Our speed to market means that Challenger production is now measured
    in only days," said George Murphy, Senior Vice President - Global
    Marketing, Chrysler Group. "The ability to quickly react to ever-
    changing consumer tastes is a competitive advantage for the company."

    It will be just a little over two years from Dodge Challenger's
    concept car introduction to the time it will be available in

    The company has already seen passionate response to the Dodge
    Challenger with its bold, powerful and capable attributes. Challenger
    content received a total of 1.5 million visits on the
    website in 2006 and 20,000 potential customers have asked the company
    for more product information regarding the car.

    The production version of the 2008 Dodge Challenger will be true to
    both its historical and modern concept car roots as a two-door, HEMI®
    V-8 powered, rear-drive vehicle. It will be the first coupe built on
    Chrysler Group's highly successful large car platform which includes
    the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Magnum.

    Source: DaimlerChrysler Media Services
    Jalapeno, Sep 14, 2007
  6. MoPar Man`

    Steve Guest

    I've no idea. I'm wondering if its dead, or priority is bumped down
    after the split from Daimler. A year ago the rumors were that it would
    be heading into production probably mid-model-year 08, but I've not read
    ANYTHING about it in several months.
    Steve, Sep 14, 2007
  7. MoPar Man`

    Lloyd Guest

    Actually, that was from VM, an Italian company. But the 3.0 diesel V6
    in the Grand Cherokee now IS an M-B engine.
    Cruise control lever! :)
    Lloyd, Sep 14, 2007
  8. MoPar Man`

    chryslerman Guest

    Very few parts were sourced through or by MB (Daimler). The Cruise
    Stalk, some wiring harness architecture are about the most DAIMLER
    content. The Transmission is built in Indiana licensed to Chrysler
    (and built by Chrysler employees) from an older (now unused) MB
    design. The diesel engine that was in the Liberty was a VM engine as
    noted. VM is now owned 50% by General Motors. The new Jeep Gd Cherokee
    diesel is a 3.0L from MB. The 2.0L diesel in the Caliber is sourced
    from Volkswagon.

    Some of the suspension on the LX vehicles were derived from the last
    generation E-Class (MB) but were adapted by Chrysler engineers to be
    heavier and fit in the available space. MB parts were also made of
    aluminum, which would be cost prohibitive for Chrysler, so the ones
    made here are from steel.

    There really was never a combined "Parts Bin" between Chrysler and MB.
    Some general designs were shared, but each has made their own. But the
    new upcoming "Phoenix" V-6's are a joint development. They are an
    engine family of V-6's that will replace ALL Chrysler and ALL MB V-6
    units. There will be common blocks of different displacement that will
    be shared. (Similar to the arraingment between Chrysler-Mitsubishi-
    Hyundai for the "World" I-4's)
    chryslerman, Sep 17, 2007
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