Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Pete E. Kruzer, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Why is the wiper too long to wipe the window without going over the
    top of the window and leaving the top of the glass unwiped?? i got
    the correct wiper arm/blade installed and it's too long for the
    window.. Is there a smaller blade available? I mean one that is
    correct for the window. If this is the way it's supposed to be,
    TERRIBLE engineering!!!!!!
    Pete E. Kruzer, Apr 14, 2007
  2. Pete E. Kruzer

    Hertz_Donut Guest

    I have never seen a PT Cruiser with the problem you describe. Not any year,
    any package. Your PT did not ship with the problem you describe

    You have the wrong wiper blade installed. It is as simple as that. If the
    wiper does indeed extend beyond the window surface, you have the wrong
    blade, or the blade is incorrectly installed.

    I suggest you go to a Chrysler dealer and find out which blade is
    appropriate for your year/make/model.

    Hertz_Donut, Apr 14, 2007
  3. Pete E. Kruzer

    Carl Keehn Guest

    Chrysler apparently uses nonstandard blades, at least for their PT Cruiser.
    I have the same experience with the rear wiper, the specified wiper blade
    extends beyond the bounds of the window area. I wasn't too worried as it
    actually clears a bit more of the visible window area. Because of my
    experience with the rear wiper, I measured the front wiper blades when it
    came time to replace them. I discovered that each blade was about a half
    inch shorter than the specified replacement. I guess Chrsyler wants you to
    purchase an OEM blade.

    The only solutioin I could think of would be to drop to the next lower sized
    blade. I don't remember what size the rear takes, but for example, if it
    took a 17" blade, you would drop to a 16" blade. This of course would
    result in a bit of underwipe.

    I just did a search on wiper blades for the PT, Drivewire lists the size of
    the rear blade at 16.7" so it is 3/10" under the specified 17" blade.
    Carl Keehn, Apr 14, 2007
  4. Pete E. Kruzer

    Hertz_Donut Guest

    Chrysler does not use a "non-standard" wiper blade in any of it's vehicles.
    The supply side implications of doing so would be enormous compared to any
    benefit it may bring.

    If you look in the owners manual, the dimensions of the blades for drivers
    side front, passenger side front and the rear window wiper blades are given.
    They are all standard sizes, consistent with the blades that Chrysler uses
    on it's other vehicles.

    I am supposing both you and the OP used a non-Chrysler source for the blade
    reference size, and that source was wrong. This is not as uncommon as you
    might think.

    In the future, I would recommend using only the owner's manual for the blade

    I have just completed an online search for the rear wiper blade for my
    personal 2007 PT Cruiser, and I found that the dealership where I bought my
    car charges a whopping $1.00 more than the best price I could find on Ebay.
    I think I can live with a "huge" difference like that for the ability to
    exchange or refund the blade with a real live person....

    Hertz_Donut, Apr 14, 2007
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