PT Crusier auto trans "a-sick-o-four"?

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by billccm, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. billccm

    billccm Guest

    Happy New Year.

    My sister in law is looking at her first new Chrysler product in years.
    She had an early 1980s Horizon, but for the past 15 years has had a
    reliable Mazda 323 that now is approaching 300K miles (YES, 300K

    Anyhow, she is considering an 2003, or newer PT Crusier Touring,
    normally aspirated 2.4 with automatic. I have noticed most descriptions
    say 'overdrive' automatic. Does this mean the PT Crusier has the

    I have read that the PT Crusier is the "most reliable car built in
    Mexico". IntelliChoice shows good reliability, but do I need to caution
    her about the trans?

    The other car she is considering is the Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe, but
    the prices are higher than the PT Crusier. It seems teh PT Crusier is a
    good value in the used car market.

    Any comments apprecaited!

    billccm, Jan 3, 2006
  2. It has a descendant of the old A604. The PT Cruiser hasn't been plagued
    with transmission problems.
    Can't figure out why you'd need to. They aren't failing abnormally.
    Daniel J. Stern, Jan 3, 2006
  3. billccm

    CopperTop Guest

    I'm involved with a number of PT Cruiser clubs and have dealt with many cars
    and owners over the almost 6 years the car has been out. Reliability is top
    notch. No more transmission problems on the PT than with any normal
    operation of any car. The standard 2.4 engine and the transmission were the
    base units for the Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan mini-vans so they can
    handle the weight and stress. The couple of people I know of that have had
    transmission problems, there were no rhyme or reason for the early failure.
    One was a 2003 with less than 30k miles, the other was a 2002 with 50k
    miles, both fixed under warranty. My 2001 PT has 86k miles and is as tight
    and squeek/rattle free as it was the day I drove it off the lot (Oct 2000).
    A friend put 170k on his PT with no mechanical problems. He got a new one
    because someone rear ended him and totaled it.

    I have several cars but I choose to drive the PT most of the time. I really
    like it alot. When I have a need for speed, I drive the Monte Carlo SS.
    But cruising in a PT is very cool and I highly recommend it.

    CopperTop, Jan 4, 2006
  4. billccm

    pe2 Guest


    I'm a PT owner with 93K on it, and so far-knock on wood, no tranny problems
    yet. I have a straight drive, and the only thing I do is keep an eye on the
    fluid level for the transmission. One of the easiest shifting cars I've
    since 1977!

    Yes the car is built in Mexico, and being my first American car since a 94
    Nissan-mechanically, the PT has been great. I've only had to replace
    electrical items-2 sensors (airbag), on board computer (under warrenty), and
    the speedometer connection after the first 10K-the speedometer became
    posessed and read 95 mph in a 25!

    general maintenance helps as well-oil changing every 3K, spark plugs/belts
    and tires on an as needed basis! so tell your family member-don't hesitate
    in purchasing, and most of all-tell them to have fun with it!
    pe2, Jan 4, 2006
  5. billccm

    Hell Toupee Guest

    Sounds like me. I had an '89 Mazda 323 until I bought an '03 PT
    Touring Edition w/automatic. I loved my Mazda, but I love my PT even
    more. The Mazda was definitely a more fun car to drive in terms of
    performance, but the PT is a far more comfortable car. And so far it's
    been as reliable as the 323 had been. To be honest, I was a bit
    reluctant to buy a Chrysler product, but I'm now very glad I did. The
    dealer's service has been absolutely first-rate, too.
    I looked at those, too, but the Matrix was too expensive and I just
    didn't like the Vibe. I preferred the PT's interior to the Matrix's,
    though that wasn't the deal-breaker for me. I was also seriously
    considering a Ford Focus ZX5 (not as comfortable, the most expensive
    car to insure of the ones I looked at) and a Suzuki Aerio (least
    expensive to insure, cheapest to buy, cheap quality interior but a fun
    I was very pleased with price I negotiated for the one I bought new,
    so I'm not at all surprised they're a bargain in the used car market,

    Hell Toupee, Jan 4, 2006
  6. billccm

    Steve Guest

    Steve, Jan 5, 2006
  7. billccm

    Punch Guest

    my tranny was replaced under 50,000Km, turbo GT

    the turbo crowd is starting to have problems...
    Punch, Jan 7, 2006
  8. billccm

    Guest Guest

    -Good car.

    /Pontiac Vibe, but
    -Also good, but GM maintenance knowledge may be lacking.
    -If she is keeping it for quite some time, say 10 yrs, the resale value
    is of no significance to the comparison.

    Why hasn't she looked at the new Mazdas?
    Guest, Jan 9, 2006
  9. billccm

    Guest Guest

    That's a lot of unexpected maintenance in that mileage.
    Guest, Jan 9, 2006
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