PT Cruiser Coolant Temperature Sensor - Location, anyone?

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by pe2, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. pe2

    pe2 Guest

    PT Cruiser, 2002.

    Does anyone know where this Sensor is located? I have a Haynes aftermarket
    booket, but the picture is NOT worth a thousand words....the picture in
    their book is least to be desired...

    Thanks in advance-
    pe2, Jul 15, 2009
  2. pe2

    Bill Putney Guest

    That's why people who've used aftermarket manuals in the past no longer
    do so.

    Sorry I don't have answer - I don't own a PT.
    Bill Putney, Jul 16, 2009
  3. pe2

    Jerry - OHIO Guest

    Jerry - OHIO, Jul 17, 2009
  4. pe2

    pe2 Guest

    Hey jerry-

    Thanks for the input. My basic '02 PT has only the one sensor by the
    radiator cap. Turns out-My fan motor was shot. $180-and 7 bolts/1 plug
    later, I had the new assembly installed with successful cooling of the

    pe2, Jul 19, 2009
  5. pe2

    Jerry - OHIO Guest

    Jerry - OHIO, Jul 21, 2009
  6. pe2

    Jerry - OHIO Guest

    Jerry - OHIO, Jul 21, 2009
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