Power steering gone on '00 T&C Pt. II - Pump & rack shot

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Daniel G., Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Daniel G.

    Daniel G. Guest

    Thanks to the replies re my '00 Chrysler Town & Country's power
    steering problems. We checked the fluid and the reservoir was empty
    (my bro checked it, I'm use a wheelchair and couldn't see). My bro
    said something was probably wrong as it shouldn't be totally empty. A
    friend topped it off w/no results.

    My local Chrysler svc center looked at it today and said the power
    steering pump "blew up" and sent particles into the rack & pinion
    screwing it up. I asked what could have caused that but he wasn't
    sure, he said some type of "restriction" occurred, perhaps a valve

    Anyone familiar w/this? The van was running fine that day, we'd
    stopped at a store but when backing out of a parking space the power
    steering was no longer functioning, there were no strange noises when
    it happened. The mechanic said I'm looking at a $1600 charge, most of
    that is for the rack & I think labor involved in installing it.That
    seems quite steep but then I'm not too familiar w/what's involved re
    parts & labor. Does that price seem right to y'all? I live in a part
    of CT w/an expensive zip code. Unfortunately, the zip is the only
    thing I've got in common w/others in town so this repair will really

    I try to keep on top of maintaining the van and checking fluids
    regularly but got to admit I haven't checked the PS fluid in a wile,
    may have been back in Dec. when Chrysler did a tune up. Is it normal
    for PS fluid to run out in that period of time or perhaps there was a
    leak somewhere?

    Thanks for any info, enough rambling, I need a drink!

    Dan G. in CT
    Daniel G., Aug 6, 2007
  2. Daniel G.

    Richard Guest

    Think "used parts yard" for the parts and ask them to recommend a local guy
    to do the install. Likely cost you under $500.00.

    Richard, Aug 6, 2007
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