Plymouth voyager stalls

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by kristy, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. kristy

    kristy Guest

    I have a 1996 minivan with the 3.3L V6 with 77k. It started stalling
    intermittantly 2 months ago. I am able to start it again; lately it
    takes a couple of times, but does start.

    The vehicle has these symptoms:
    - can stall while at a stop, slowing to a stop, turning corners, while
    accelerating, going any speed, including 70mph!
    - noticed today that after accelerating, took foot off the gas, tach
    drops below 500 rpm then sometimes bounces back to 750-1000, other
    times drops to zero and stalls
    - Service Engine Soon has come on once then went off by itself
    - fuel light was going on and gauge would go to empty, after filling
    tank but has not done that this week

    Replaced the following:
    - Plugs and wires (dealer)
    - Coil pack (dealer)
    - Throttle body - only cleaning (mechanic)
    - Idle motor (mechanic)
    - Fuel pump (mechanic)
    - Fuel filter (mechanic)

    $1000 later, stalled 9 times just today. Still intermittant.
    Mechanic wants to replaced the computer now. When mentioned turning
    corners, maybe gas tank baffles, but stalls on straight away.

    Called Chrysler, said all cars can stall at speed.
    Weary about going back to dealer but they have a "copilot" device
    haven't tried yet, whereas the mechanic does not.

    I have looked at other posts, and I have tried some recommendations.
    Still stalls.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    kristy, Aug 26, 2003
  2. You need a new mechanic. Throwing parts at a problem is NEVER the way to
    fix it. Find a good diagnostician who has a good scanner. Such a scanner
    will allow the tech to drive the vehicle while the scanner monitors all of
    the electronic communications going on under the hood. When the engine
    stalls, the tech can press a button that stores the previous 20 (or 45, or
    60, or 90, etc.) seconds worth of data readings for analysis. This is the
    kind of diagnostic technique it takes to nail down an intermittent problem
    like this -- not just random new parts, which is what has been installed
    so far.
    YOUR mechanic doesn't. Every up-to-date mechanic does. Find a new

    Daniel J Stern, Aug 26, 2003
  3. kristy

    Whoever Guest

    You *might* want to try replacing the battery. I kept seeing both the
    speedometer and the tachometer on my voyager lock at zero while driving.
    This went away with a new battery. The implication is that the computer
    does not operate correctly if the battery is dying. If the computer is not
    operating properly, all kinds of problems could occur.

    I have also been told that some of the speed sensors can fail. I don't
    know if this could cause the symptoms you are seeing, but it might be
    worth investigating. Does your mechaninc have the necessary equipment to
    get the codes out of the engine/transmission computers?

    I have recently seen the fuel light problem, but after ignoring it for a
    month or 2, it seems now behave normally.
    Whoever, Aug 27, 2003
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