Discussion in 'Pacifica' started by trs80, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. trs80

    trs80 Guest

    I rented a pacifica the other day. Very nice car. Can you fit a 4x8 sheet
    in the back if all the seats are removed or folded down?
    trs80, Dec 18, 2006
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  2. trs80

    BF Guest

    Approximately 76" from back of driver seat to inside of lift gate, just
    measured it yesterday.
    BF, Dec 18, 2006
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  3. trs80

    trs80 Guest

    is that the maximum from the bottom of the seat to the
    trs80, Dec 18, 2006
  4. trs80

    BF Guest


    BF, Dec 18, 2006
  5. trs80

    who Guest

    Yes it is nice, but if you get one make sure you carry a ground sheet to
    access the inadequate spare and of course to pump it up.
    who, Dec 19, 2006
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  6. trs80

    trs80 Guest

    if it cant fit a 4x8 inthe back then it is a useless vehicle for me. I need
    to occasionaly bring home wood and plywoods for my hobby.
    trs80, Dec 19, 2006
  7. trs80

    Guest Guest

    For that occasional use what's wrong with the old effective solutions;
    a roof rack or a small trailer.
    I often have 4x8 plywood cut down a bit so I can carry it in my open car
    trunk. My supplier will do about three cuts for free, so I don't even
    need a table saw.
    Having a very large vehicle to occasionally bring home materials is very
    wasteful IMO.
    Guest, Dec 19, 2006
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  8. trs80

    Dave Gower Guest

    I agree. When my elderly Grand Voyager wears out I plan to buy a small 4 X 8
    utility trailer. Empty they weigh 500 lb. so you can haul a useful load
    behind a Caliber, Compass or other sensible size vehicle quite safely.
    Dave Gower, Dec 19, 2006
  9. trs80

    Peachy Guest

    Not to get off the subject, but I have a 2006 Pacifica and I was wondering
    if there is a way to disable the the seatbelt alert that dings until you
    buckle up.
    Peachy, Dec 19, 2006
  10. trs80

    trs80 Guest

    thats funny. putting plywood on a roofrack....wadda dweeboid!
    trs80, Dec 20, 2006
  11. trs80

    trs80 Guest

    welll there you go....its your opinion.....and we know how much that is
    trs80, Dec 20, 2006
  12. trs80

    trs80 Guest

    in my opinion....its very wasteful to buy such a large vehicle only to
    disable the seatbelt dinger.
    trs80, Dec 20, 2006
  13. trs80

    Ken Weitzel Guest


    And to make it even easier and more economical, if you're fortunate
    enough to live amongst good neighbors, you can all even share one :)

    Take care.

    Ken Weitzel, Dec 20, 2006
  14. trs80

    Dave Gower Guest

    What's my opinion? That trailers weigh 500 lb? I got that off the sticker on
    the trailer. That a Caliber or Compass can safely pull one? That's what
    Chrysler says. No "opinions" needed here.

    Or do you think that my "opinion" as to what I intend to do after my Grand
    Voyager dies is worthless? If I can't have an "opinion" about my own future
    purchases, who can?

    Some people have no life.
    Dave Gower, Dec 20, 2006
  15. trs80

    Steve Guest

    On whose planet is a Pacifica a "very large vehicle????" Its not a
    Suburban, you know. For that matter, its not quite as heavy as a
    decked-out a Town&Country minivan!
    Steve, Dec 20, 2006
  16. trs80

    Peachy Guest

    lol that's not the reason i bought it. it's not that large of a vehicle
    either. It's perfect for my family!
    Peachy, Dec 20, 2006
  17. trs80

    Guest Guest

    Interesting question.
    Is the Pacifica a truck? I assumed it was sold as a car.
    The Pacifica is about the same weight as a T&C MV.
    Heavy for a car, but not that heavy compared to a Magnum.

    The Pacifica and Magnum are about the same length as the LH cars, ~200".
    They were about 3,400 lb., about 1,000 lbs lighter.

    We all know the Suburban is a BIG personal truck; it's weight shows it.

    Weights in lb. at
    Caliber'07 SXT manual: 3039
    Sebring'06 207L V6: 3,222
    Magnum'06 3.5L V6 AWD: 4,159
    Pacifica'06 FWD 350V6: 4,383, AWD 4,560.

    T&C Minivan'06 LWB 3.8L V6: 4,340
    Suburban 1500 2WD: 5,269, 2500 BIG 6L V8 AWD: 6,074
    Guest, Dec 21, 2006
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