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Discussion in 'Pacifica' started by flmtnbkr, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. flmtnbkr

    flmtnbkr Guest

    I just bought a new Pacifica this weekend and got a new Sirius satellite
    radio included in the deal. I think its a promo. I was wondering if anyone
    had any experience with this. Will it be integrated into the factory radio?
    OR will I have to have that obnoxious add-in radio installed on the dash?
    flmtnbkr, Jul 6, 2004
  2. flmtnbkr

    SRG Guest

    It's part of the factory radio, and once you get used to NO COMMERCIALS AT
    ALL!!! you'll learn that you can't live without it. A word of caution: If
    you listen to the 2 comedy channels(raw dog and another) be careful while
    driving, a couple of times they played comedy routines that had me laughing
    until the tears were coming out of my eyes! It got awful hard to drive!

    SRG, Jul 6, 2004
  3. flmtnbkr

    flmtnbkr Guest

    Got it installed yesterday! WOW! Unfortunately, for me, it's my wifes new
    car, so I'll only be able to enjoy it on weekends.
    However, I'm ready to install it in my PT Cruiser now. I think my stereo is
    already SAT compatible. Just need a tuner and antenna??? Not sure. Any
    flmtnbkr, Jul 9, 2004
  4. flmtnbkr

    SRG Guest

    Yes, plenty, I have a 2002 Bright Silver Limited edition PT, it came with
    the RAZ type radio, cd/cassette/am/fm with cd changer controls. In April of
    2003, I called a local Chrysler dealer, gave the parts guy my VIN, and he
    checked and found out that my radio could be hooked up to the Sirius
    You need to order the receiver, and a "vehicle specific" installation
    kit, the receiver was $175 and the kit was $125. Rather then drill a hole
    in the roof of my nearly new car, I paid the dealer to do the install. This
    gave me a 1 year Chrysler warrenty on the install. The install went
    smoothly and it looks like it came factory equipped.
    If you have a 2002 or newer PT, with cd changer controls, I think you
    can have Sirius installed without the additional "head unit". Call a parts
    dept. and find out.
    Good luck;
    SRG, Jul 9, 2004
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