Pacifica: Perform Service Message in EVIC

Discussion in 'Pacifica' started by Thor, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. Thor

    Thor Guest

    Hi there,

    how can the counter for the "Perform Service" Message in the EVIC be
    reset ?
    It's now the second time that the Chrysler Service Folks forgot to
    reset the counter after I had the car in their shop for scheduled

    I recall on a previous Chevy it was just pushing the throttle three
    times within 40 seconds or so, with the key in ACC and the engine not
    What's the recipe here ?

    Thanks !
    Thor, Jul 24, 2004
  2. Thor

    RPhillips47 Guest

    1. To the left of the clock you will find four buttons - the second marked
    "MENU" and the third marked "STEP".
    2. With the vehicle running and the parking brake off, push the "MENU" button
    until it says "RESET PERFORM SERVICE" which will be followed by "YES" or "NO".
    3. Push "STEP" until it says "YES".
    4. Push "MENU" and the next command gives you a number. Push "STEP" until the
    number you want appears. Push "MENU" and that number is programmed in and will
    count down to zero when you will be alerted to "PERFORM VEHICLE SERVICE".
    5. Continue to push "MENU" until the screen goes dark - unless you want to make
    other changes at the commands given.
    RPhillips47, Jul 27, 2004
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