Pacifica engines KAPUT!

Discussion in 'Pacifica' started by Derek, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Derek

    Derek Guest

    Hot of the rumour mill.

    Production of Pacificas' will cease for a while due to big problems
    with engines.

    Heard two versions, one, engines are seizing shortly after rolling off
    the production line. Two, engines "letting go" at around 20 000 Km's.

    Bramaleigh, (Ontario) that makes the Intrepid, closed down earlier
    this evening.

    Take it for what it's worth, just a rumour at work.
    Derek, Feb 6, 2004
  2. And the purpose of posting a completely unsubstantiated rumor would be???

    Matthew S. Whiting, Feb 6, 2004
  3. Derek

    MoPar Man Guest

    Anyone else miss the Car-Truck web site?
    MoPar Man, Feb 6, 2004
  4. Derek

    Dodgem Guest

    Which is strange as they don't make intrepid there any more. (Bramalea)
    Just the dodge magnum and the 300 hemi C sedan. And they are in ramp up
    at the present time. (training at slower line rates to build the new
    rear wheel drive cars) One of my friend just went back to work in
    January after a 5 month tooling lay off. The 2004 intrepid on lots now
    were built before june 30th. Try to special order one!!
    Dodgem, Feb 6, 2004
  5. I build the Pacfiicas and I can confirm that as of 2:30pm we were not
    building them. Something to do with engines is the rumour but not much
    was passed down the production line.
    Wired Gargoyle, Feb 7, 2004
  6. Derek

    Derek Guest

    So is it an unsubstanciated rumor NOW?????

    Production of Pacifica's has halted at the Windsor Assy. Plant.
    Derek, Feb 7, 2004

  7. The thing to do now is to WAIT and see what the problem MAY be and
    what is going to be done about it. This is the proper thing to do. IF
    they just found the problem, shutting down production and back
    searching is the right thing to do, instead of trying to hide
    anything. LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS.
    Richard Benner Jr, Feb 7, 2004
  8. Yes, it is still a rumor that engines are the problem, and I consider
    the plant stoppage to still be a rumor since only one person who claims
    to work there says it is stopped. Plants stop production all the time
    for all sorts of reason. This is hardly news and posting rumors as to
    what might have caused a shutdown doesn nobody any good and can cause
    unwarranted suspicions to be raised.

    Matthew S. Whiting, Feb 7, 2004
  9. Derek

    Greg Guest

    Since the Pacifica uses the 3.5 L SOHC V6 engine from the 300M / LH cars, has
    the line for these cars shut down too?
    Greg, Feb 8, 2004
  10. Derek

    Derek Guest

    Here are the FACTS.

    I work at the Chrysler plant (Windsor) and it is a fact that the
    Pacifica production has stopped.

    I saw the computer screen for the Bramaleigh production figures. It
    certaily didn't look like it was a normal day when I reported my
    "rumour". Today in my area, not one Pacifica came through, just a lot
    of Caravans' & empty carriers.

    This is not a fact, but word is, something to do with "crankshaft
    bolts failing".

    I know there are some pretty hot headed guys in this group, so when I
    posted my "rumour", I was pretty sure about my info but was reluctant
    to disclose where I worked, guess the cat's out the bag now!
    Just thought you guys would be interested in the situation, don't
    worry, won't happen again.

    Derek, Feb 8, 2004
  11. I was at the Brampton Assembly Plant on Thursday when they shut down the
    line and sent everyone home on 1st shift. The problem is with the connecting
    rod bolts on the 3.5 L engine. Evidently they have some soft bolts that
    could fail.

    The engine plant was to fly in new certified stock till the pipeline is
    purged, according to one of the engineers I talked to.

, Feb 8, 2004
  12. Again, what is the purpose of posting it? To keep people from buying
    Chrysler cars? To show what a big shot know-it-all that you are? To
    get even with a boss you are ticked at? I'm guessing the latter.

    It was a couple of memos from disgruntled employees that launched the
    Dow-Corning implant fiasco that cost billions of dollars in lawsuits and
    legal fees and bankrupted a perfectly good company. In the decade
    since, not a single shred of medical evidence, and there have been MANY
    studies, has shown a single connection between silicon and the problems
    these women were having. Yet the lawyers thrived and a good company and
    its employees paid a big price. I just have very little respect
    tolerance for people who try to start things like this. So, try to get
    over whatever you are mad about, and not start something with your
    employer that will hurt your fellow employees. The fact they they've
    stopped production to correct a problem tells me that they are doing the
    right thing. Now, if you had reasonable information that suggested they
    were CONTINUING production with a known engine defect, that would be
    something else entirely.

    Matthew S. Whiting, Feb 8, 2004
  13. Derek

    Bill Putney Guest

    The LH lines were shut down months ago for the changeover.

    Bill Putney
    (to reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with "x")
    Bill Putney, Feb 8, 2004
  14. Derek

    Bill Putney Guest

    This is odd considering what several Chrysler employees went thru when
    posting sensitive but seemingly harmless insider information on forums
    and ng's a few months ago (and involving these same plants too). If
    this guy really is an employee, my guess is he'll be tracked down and
    fired on the spot. The other guys were re-instated, but probably only
    because it was a new problem for Chyrysler to deal with and they gave
    them the benefit of the doubt about ambiguities in the policies about
    sensitive info. I doubt if the corporation will have much sympathy
    about it this time around since they've probably made their position
    about such things pretty clear lately.

    Bill Putney
    (to reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with "x")
    Bill Putney, Feb 8, 2004
  15. Derek

    Bill Putney Guest

    In your first post you said "Bramaleigh, (Ontario) that makes [present
    tense] the Intrepid, closed down earlier
    this evening". I thought LH production was finished out months ago.
    You sure you're DC employee, or is my info. wrong about LH production?

    Bill Putney
    (to reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with "x")
    Bill Putney, Feb 8, 2004
  16. Derek

    Dodgem Guest

    LH production at the bramalea plant closed out months ago. Play golf a
    few times with my buddy who works there and save for some training was
    laid off all summer and fall and was to be recalled January 5th. Now in
    Chrysler 300 and 300 C 2005 real wheel drive ramp up. (the new Dodge
    Magnum is supposed to be in production too according to the Toronto sun,
    Bramalea is a suburb) They use 3.5 or the 5.7 multiple displacement hemi
    motors, (4 cylinder cruise) hemi being the big dog! Standard is the 3.5
    rear drive version! so they could be down to just V8's

    Dodgem, Feb 8, 2004
  17. Derek

    Greyhound Guest

    I don't think so! Why don't you quit. I enjoyed reading it.
    Why don't you talk to all the women that have silicone flowing through their
    Good job Derek.
    Greyhound, Feb 8, 2004
  18. Derek

    Derek Guest

    This problem is no major secret and in no way is it revenge on my
    Facts are facts and Chrysler is not trying to down play this problem.
    Some of you guys, are hell bent on defending Chrysler regarding a
    problem that they are aware of.....I don't get it? They have a
    problem and are addressing it, way to go.. Do you think that with the
    Thousands of employees involved with the 3.5 litre engine, when
    production stops, they can pretend nothing is wrong? Give Chrysler a
    little more credit, and the employees that work there. Red flags go
    up, questions are asked.

    Where did I throw any negative slant towards Chrysler as a
    corporation? I have in no way belittled the corporation, nor have I
    said anything that is not public knowledge in the Windsor area. It was
    reported in the "Windsor Star" for goodness sake, do a google search
    and open your mind to what's out there, not just to want you want to
    believe, or perceive the facts to be. Facts are facts.

    I am proud to be associated with the corporation. This is not the
    first time something like this has happened, and I doubt it will be
    the last. Sometimes it goes under the name of "recall". Means a
    problem is suspected and must be addressed. Chrysler is adddressing
    the problem......just relax.

    I stand by my intial post....there is a problem with the engines.
    Am I wrong?
    Derek, Feb 9, 2004
  19. Derek

    Derek Guest

    Aren't you a little paranoid? If I participate in a forum using a
    Chrysler computer, discussing stuff on their behalf, on their time, no
    doubt they'd get very upset.

    This is a private computer, discussing a topic, on my time, that was
    in the local news paper and is common knowledge in Windsor. Give
    Chrysler more credit. They are not hiding behind smoke screens, they
    are addressing the situation and at least have the guts to stop
    production while it's sorted out. I have not thumbed my nose at the
    corporation. Apart from my rusty knowledge about other plants using
    the 3.5 litre engine, nothing I've stated is false or confidental.

    Take a deep breath.
    Derek, Feb 9, 2004
  20. Your original post would almost certainly be read as a negative by most
    any casual reader. Most things that start out "hot off the rumor mill",
    aren't intended to be positive.

    Right or wrong, what's the point in posting that?

    Matthew S. Whiting, Feb 9, 2004
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