P0122 with all sensor and wire changed

Discussion in 'Voyager' started by lapislazzulo, Sep 1, 2019.

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    Sep 1, 2019
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    I hope that somebody can help. I have a Chrysler Voyager 2.0 petrol/lpg with a mil light on. Okay, diagnostic read p0122, replaced tps car run well for 3-4 months. Now car still do have p0122 and it's getting worst everyday. When you accelerate more than 15% It stalls and misfire, It run very rough! With the DRBIII I can see that tps signal Is going to 0% and back to the right position (for example if I have full gas It read 85-0-85-0) and the car run very very rought , impossible to drive.
    I replaced already: Spark plugs, ingnition coil pack, petrol injector, lpg injector, PCM unit (and reprogrammed), Spark plugs cables, PCV valve, two lambda sensor, manifold inlet , manifold pressure sensor, intake air temperature sensor, replaced 5 TPS, FIVE! Mopar, meat and Doria, standard production, then i replaced crankshaft position sensor and still the same! I don't know what to do. The funny thing Is that in reverse (It has 5 Speed MANUAL trasmission) goes very great. Yes, it works great in reverse but It have no sensor for reverse, i tried to short the two reverse light togheter but no change. Revving in neutral Is great, car goes up ti rev limiter. Idle Is good, reverse Is good , forward the car Is misfiring. I can only run with a few % of gas. I have to run to less than 1/4 of gas. I cannot do uphill or similar cause It stalls. Diagnostic tell me only p122 code. I tried to make new cable from PCM directly ti TPS sensor, no change at all. Tried to replace engine ground, no change. I tried everything...
    Last thing i have changed IAC valve and car went misfiring less, then in a few minutes car went back to be useless. Impossibile to drive. Check already fuel pressure, good and it's not the problem cause It does with lpg too. With the DRBIII i can clearly see that underload car is losing TPS signal, but why!? It's all good. New wire directly from the pcm to TPS, 5v from PCM Is great (5.24v)
    lapislazzulo, Sep 1, 2019
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