Outside Temp Indicator failed

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Dave Doering, Aug 7, 2004.

  1. Dave Doering

    Dave Doering Guest

    I have a 97 Chrysler Town & Country. During a trip to California, the
    outside temp indicator began to report erratically, then quit. It now
    shows 0 degrees. Is this a sensor problem?

    I finished the trip with my typical mileage, so I don't think the loss
    has affected engine performance at all, so is this just an annoyance?


    Dave D.
    Dave Doering, Aug 7, 2004
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  2. Dave Doering

    Bill Guest

    The 2 most likely problems to occur with the sensor (or circuit) are an open
    circuit which would cause an "OC" display in the overhead console or a short
    circuit in the sensor or sensor circuit, which would display an "SC" in the
    overhead console.

    Bill, Aug 7, 2004
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  3. Dave Doering

    Dave Doering Guest

    Excellent. Now that I look at it, the readout DOES say 0C, which I
    took to mean Zero Degrees Centigrade--not Open Circuit.

    Given that, is there a repair procedure for an OC?


    Dave D.
    Dave Doering, Aug 9, 2004
  4. Dave Doering

    Bob Shuman Guest

    Most likely culprit would seem to be the temperature sensor which is located
    in the front grill area. Unless you had the ceiling console or the dash
    out, I'd suggest a physical inspection to make sure that some road debris
    did not damage it or the wiring.

    Bob Shuman, Aug 9, 2004
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