Now I know what the PT in PT Cruiser stands for.

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by Pete E. Kruzer, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. I was under the impression it stood for Personal Transportation. It's
    a 2001. Last year it cost me $850 for the PA State Inspection.
    Rotors, calibers, pads, some suspension parts, and some other stuff.
    This was at 38,000 miles. This year at 44,000 miles, another $700 for
    the PA State Inspection. Steering and suspension parts, thermostat
    housing, and a couple other things.
    After putting $1500 into a PT in the course of about 12,000 miles,
    I've come to the conclusion that PT stands for Piece o' Trash!!
    Pete E. Kruzer, Jul 8, 2007
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  2. Pete E. Kruzer

    CopperTop Guest

    Sorry you're having problems with your PT. I got my 2001 new in Oct 2000.
    It just turned 98,000 miles. Other than normal maintenance, I've had to
    replace one thing at a cost of, I think $125.00. Probably the most trouble
    free car I've ever had which includes Buicks, Chevys, Fords, Audi, Volvo and
    a BMW. And of the PT's in our state club, I wouldn't be afraid to say that
    90%+ of our members would say the same as I did. And it's still as squeek
    free as the day I bought it.

    CopperTop, Jul 8, 2007
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  3. Pete E. Kruzer

    Art Guest

    Are you going to the same dealer for inspection? My guess is you are being
    ripped off.
    Art, Jul 8, 2007
  4. Pete E. Kruzer

    Hertz_Donut Guest

    Agreed! Before accepting any work on the car, have them put in writing that
    they will return everything removed/replaced on the car and that your have
    the right to inspect the old parts. You'll be surprised how much less work
    the dealer will say your car "needs".

    Hertz_Donut, Jul 9, 2007
  5. Pete E. Kruzer

    Richard Guest

    On my purchased in Aug 2000, my PT Cruiser during its 95,000 miles has
    needed the following:

    New Radiator: $250
    New Airconditioner Condencer Fan Assembly: $125
    New Ceramic Pads and Rotors in Front: $140
    New Sway Bar Links and Bushings, front & back: $ 175

    It still hardly uses much oil. I have changed the transmission fluid twice
    and change the Mobil 1 5W-20 EP once a year.

    Too bad Chrysler can't leave good enough alone.

    Richard, Jul 9, 2007
  6. Pete E. Kruzer

    who Guest

    Lucky you haven't had the lighting switch problem.
    who, Jul 9, 2007
  7. Pete E. Kruzer

    Steven Stone Guest

    I think PA is a bit more agressive than other states on what passes and
    what fails and for what reasons
    Steven Stone, Jul 10, 2007
  8. Pete E. Kruzer

    NewMan Guest

    While I am no big fan of the PT, I have to concur that your are likely
    being ripped off. We had government vehicle inspection here in my
    province for decades. Finally, they had to do away with it by popular
    demand as it was PROVEN that it made no difference.

    When my wife brought her 1994 Accliam here to BC with her from
    Ontario, it had to be "inspected" by a "certified" facility. They
    found all kinds of shit "wrong" with the car (NOT!). I knew it was a
    crock when I picked up the car and saw that at least 2 of the minor
    things supposedly "wrong" with the car had not been fixed! But I did
    not care, as they really were not a problem, and it only cost me an
    extra $40 over the real work that did need to be done to get that
    little piece of paper so we could insure the vehicle here.

    Government required inspections for passenger cars are a scam - a cash
    cow. Beware!

    Here we switched to "emissions inspections". guess what! they will be
    doing away with them in a couple of years as well! For my 2002 Grand
    Caravan, they don't even put a sniffer up the pipe! Why??? Because the
    on-board computer and associated systems are MORE ACCURATE than their
    stupid test! You dirve up, they connect to your on-board computer, and
    as long as the computer does not report an emmission related code, you
    pay your $50 to the union monkey with his hand out, and drive away for
    another year or two (depending).

    What a joke.

    Ask around. There are reputable shops out there, you just have to find
    NewMan, Jul 10, 2007
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