My oil looked like chocolate milk!

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Robby2687, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Robby2687

    Robby2687 Guest

    Hi, I just had the head gasket replaced on my 1991 Plymouth Sundance RS
    2.5 TBI 3-spd auto back in the middle of December 2004. The car had
    196,000 miles. Before the head gasket was repaired, I had apparently
    been getting water in the oil giving it the appearance of a chocolate

    Now, here's the story:

    The blown head gasket was diagnosed back in July 2004. I couldn't
    afford to fix it at the time. The only symptoms I had at the time was
    exhaust gases getting into the coolant causing it to overflow into the
    puke tank due to the pressure; no milky oil. However, before this
    happened, the only symptoms of a blowd head gasket I had was bubbles in
    the puke tank. Anyway, after it was diagnosed, I continued to drive it.
    Eventually, I started getting billowing white smoke out of the exhaust.
    And, lastly, at the end of October 2004, I apparently started to get
    some coolant in the oil (I don't think I had too much ethylene glycol
    in there, though, because I ran the car on pure tap water after the
    coolant started to leak out bad and kept adding water every other day).
    At first I didn't know that this was the case. I just noticed that my
    oil started to look a bit dirty and funny, so I figured that since the
    oil was in there for over six months, it was a bit old, and I would
    change it when I got around to it. I also noticed that my car was
    skipping when I first started it.

    Later on, one day at Wal-Mart during my lunch break, I decided to take
    my car over to TLE (Tire Lube Express) to get the oil changed. While
    I'm in the lounge eating my lunch, the TLE associate pages me to come
    over there. Holding the oil dipstick, the person tells me that I need
    to take a look at something. So, I go out there with him to the TLE bay
    and see what's up. When the fellow inserted the dipstick into oil, the
    oil came back looking like Chocolate Milk! The level on the stick was
    also 2 inches above the full mark. He also opened the oil cap, and
    there were white goblets inside the valve cover looking like someone
    had done liposuction in the engine. He opened the radiator cap and told
    me that the radiator was empty. They said that they couldn't changed
    oil due to liability reasons or something like that. His partner told
    me told me that the head gasket was ..beyond.. gone amd that I needed
    to get it fixed IMMEDIATELY. He said something about it affecting the
    bottom end or something (though I'm not sure). He also mentioned that
    the engine needed to be flushed as well. Anyway, I hop into the car and
    drive to the repair shop immediately.

    After two weeks, the car was fixed. They told me that cylinder 1 was
    full of water. They also did a valve job on the head, and they shaved
    it as well since it was warped. The machine shop also cleaned the head.
    Suprisingly, the head was not even cracked considering the engine
    overheated over a dozen times in that year! I think that they might
    have also flushed the engine as well to get all the goblets/sludge out.
    Otherwise, they said that the engine is still solid.

    Anyway, after the repair, the car seems to run pretty well as far as I
    can tell.

    Do you think that I did any damage to the motor by driving with water
    in the oil? What usually happens when you drive a car with coolant in
    the oil? I think that I drove it like that for around 30 miles or so
    before I got the head gasket replaced.
    Robby2687, Jan 15, 2005
  2. Robby2687

    loulou Guest

    Time will tell !!

    loulou, Jan 15, 2005
  3. Robby2687

    Matt Whiting Guest

    Hard to say for certain without seeing the engine torn down, but it is
    very likely that you have done damage to the bearings, oil pump, cam,
    etc. When you get water, coolant, etc. in the oil, it no longer acts
    like oil nearly as well is it should. This can allow wear due to metal
    to metal contact and corrosion to polished surfaces such as the cam from
    the water. Driving a car in this condition is simply stupid beyond

    Matt Whiting, Jan 15, 2005
  4. Robby2687

    nitro Guest

    Antifreeze loves to eat the babit off the engine bearings.But since all
    your antifreeze was gone and the added water leaked into the oil this
    shouldent be a worry,but with that kind of milage you want to use a good
    grade of a 10w-40w motor oil.
    nitro, Jan 15, 2005
  5. Robby2687

    Robby2687 Guest

    True. I believe myself that the antifreeze had already completely
    leaked out before it got into the oil. The mechanics told me that they
    didn't find any glycol antifreeze in there as far as they could tell;
    it was just water that was in the oil. I wonder if plain water is less
    toxic to bearings compared to antifreeze. This might be why I got lucky.
    Robby2687, Jan 15, 2005
  6. Robby2687

    Robby2687 Guest

    Or perhaps I got lucky and caught it in time.
    Robby2687, Jan 15, 2005
  7. Robby2687

    Ken Pisichko Guest

    Yes, it is hard to say - especially since the block has 196K miles on it!

    Run it till it stops on you! As posters stated, time WILL tell.

    But now it sounds like you have a good engine head with 196K on the block.
    No one can tell for sure what happened to the rings during overheating. No
    one can tell you what happened to the bearing surfaces by the "chocolate
    milk". To deal with wear use a heavier (at operating temp) oil. That is why
    you should go for 5W-40 or 10W-40 oil (instead of, say 5W-30) and change it
    regularly with the filter. You might still get 100K miles out of the block
    even with some wear. remember there is 196K miles on the block!

    You could get the compression cylinder pressure checked - it will tell what
    is going on in one part of the system and an oil pressure check with a
    mechanical pressure gauge will tell you what the "tightness" of the
    lubrication system is like.

    JUst a couple of things that may ease your mind, but still, there is almost
    200K miles on the entire car! It can also have many more trouble free miles
    on it...

    OTOH, you could be hit by someone running a red light and your vehicle
    could be totalled........

    If it is running use it and maintain it as best you can. Replacing it will
    cost you too....

    ....snipped because you all read it.....
    Ken Pisichko, Jan 15, 2005
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