My buddy got a way better deal than me and I'm pissed!

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Dannyboyy, May 28, 2005.

  1. Dannyboyy

    Dannyboyy Guest

    I'm just sick about it. I mean when I heard this I just about had
    to excuse myself to go puke. Some history:

    In late '02 I was attracted to the '03 TC EX with its tight margin
    to compete feature to feature with the Ody. I got a suppliers
    discount of like 1% below invoice and after tag title tax I was out
    the door for $26K. I thought why try to get confused looking at the
    Lxi's and all the discounts and stuff when I could just get the
    tightly priced EX. Well, My buddy just got an Lxi or equivilent
    Caravan and the only difference was no auto tailgate for $21K!!!!
    Ho he did it was he went dealer to dealer and threatened to walk off
    the lot if they came back with a low price that wasn't low enough.
    i.e. they shopped the lowest price and ended up at a high volume
    dealer. So he saved $5000 that I basically lined DCX pockets with.

    But back in '02 I think $26k was pretty much what other's were
    reporting that they were paying. I am usually pretty savvy but I
    got spanked on this deal. BTW - 3 days after buying a new mvan his
    steering hose blew and he unloaded steering fluid all over my
    driveway. We took a photo of the Van on the flatbed with his full-
    term pregnant wife giving the thumbs up - "We love our new minivan!
    Thanks Chrysler!" hehe. When the dealer had later fixed his van he
    insisted he get a brand new one. They complied!

    Please don't rub it in if I paid too much -
    Dannyboyy, May 28, 2005
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