More problems with Bendix-10 ABS 1993 T&C

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Gary Jablonski, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. This message is added info to a posting of May 2003 regarding
    NTHSA recall # 685 on the Bendix-10 ABS.

    The ABS problem with my 1993 T&C van relates to the Bendix-10
    ABS system sold in the early 1990's. Apparently when they
    fail it becomes a real safety problem because you loose most
    braking power. That's why I think the NTHSA forced Chrysler to
    cover it for life.

    The symptoms are:
    1) Loud buzzing (when brakes applied) from the left front
    somewhere under the battery holder. This happens even if the
    ABS light doesn't come on right away. This may mean the pump
    is on its way out.

    1a) In my case when the pump actually failed the buzzing
    stopped and the ABS light came on. I guess this means the
    ABS pump has died completely.

    2) ABS light comes on, intermittently or solid. I've even had
    it come on for a few days then go away. When it really fails
    the ABS light comes on and stays on.

    3) Brake like comes on. Usually this light comes on when the
    parking brake is on only. But the ABS failure also causes
    this light to go on.

    4) The most obvious problem is the brake pedal becomes very
    HARD to press and you have to use excessive force to stop the
    van, I mean A LOT of pedal pressure. Don't follow anybody too
    closely. I had a hard time stopping the van.

    I am not sure if the warranty covers the '94 Voyager. It's
    tough to figure out if you have a Bendix-10 system. I don't
    know of any obvious markings. I suggest you check with the
    dealer and give them the VIN. Remember that I was not notified
    about the recall from the factory.
    I had to ask. I guess that's what they call a 'secret recall'.

    Ask them about recall # 685.

    The dealer told me to bring mine in. They
    billed me $55 for a DRB-II scan but once they determined it
    was warranty I got that back and didn't pay anything. I've
    had mine replaced so often I am a regular at the dealer.
    They don't question my diagnosis any more.
    I tell them "ABS light on, pedal high and hard, cannot stop
    van" and they say "we know exactly what it is". The pump
    needs to develop very high pressure. The scan said that 800 psi
    was *too low* so normal must be really high. The pressure
    cannot drop more than 200 psi in 2 minutes. At these pressures
    the job is NOT one for an unqualified mechanic. Please
    be careful.

    When the van was fixed the dealer replaced the pump/motor
    (part numberR4509292). The dealer said the parts were around
    $260 and the labor about $80. I have no way to know if I
    should believe that. The bill went to the factory (Chrysler).
    I did not see the invoice. Of course the first time I brought
    it in they also told me I needed a dual function pressure
    switch, not covered under warranty. I paid about $275 (complete)
    for that work but I was glad that the brakes were back
    in working order.

    Back in May I posted a thread in netnews about this problem.
    Check out
    There's also a good article by an AOL member. Check out:
    and look for the part about Bendix-10 The bad news is that the
    article only talks about 1991-1993 and coverage is only to 100,000
    -- but Chrysler told me the coverage is lifetime.

    I looked around the internet and found the NTHSA web site.
    Check out:
    Gary Jablonski, Dec 21, 2003
  2. 94 Voyager uses Bendix 4 system, it's completely different.

    Ted Mittelstaedt, Dec 22, 2003
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