Looking for stock AM/FM CD car unit....

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Deke, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Deke

    Deke Guest

    Its the Chrysler stock/factory unit with the equalizer on the left lower
    side, and a joy-stick balance control on the lower right side, ID/model
    number unknown. Its going to go into a 92 Shadow, so having the top right
    mounting bracket would help, but I can make it work if it doesnt.
    Gotta be CD.
    Anybody have one they want to sell?
    Reply here, or email to
    Deke, Jan 14, 2005
  2. Deke

    jdoe Guest

    Odds are you'll pay more than for a new one. Why not look into one of the
    1.5 din units from Pioneer, Alpine, Jensen etc.
    jdoe, Jan 14, 2005
  3. Deke

    Deke Guest

    Why do I want a stock unit? Because of menus, small buttons, and to many
    whistles and bells. I currently have a Kenwood Excelon
    KRC-X858 in the car, ($350 installed) and I hate it. Want to adjust Bass,
    Treble, balance? Gotta go into menus and submenus, while trying to drive.
    Cheaper units are easier to use, but lack power output. Forget whats on the
    box, typical power output RMS for the cheapos is usually about 2 watts per
    I want a unit with hands on physical controls (equalizer and balance)
    and buttons big enough for my big fingers to find, and press while the car
    is in motion. I DONT want to have to read a menu, on a small display, at 60
    MPH, in the dark, thru bifocals. I found a guy who does car audio repair
    for a living, he has one he's rebuilt, and will guarantee it for 90 days,
    for $150.00.
    I just thought I'd try to find one from the members of the NG, and maybe pay
    a bit less. Seems the first thing alot of folks do when they get a new car
    is have the stock radio replaced with something high power, menu driven,
    complicated, with tiny little buttons. (Been there, done that).
    I want one of those replaced stock radios thats sitting on a shelf in
    someones garage.
    I'm even willing to trade a Kenwood Excelon cassette in excellent condition,
    with remote and instruction manual for a working stock Chrysler unit.
    The Kenwood even has the motorized hideaway faceplate.

    Deke, Jan 14, 2005
  4. Deke

    kmatheson Guest

    I would suggest checking on eBay. These show up there all the time.
    However, as the second poster indicated, you can probably get a nice
    aftermarket unit for what a used stock unit will cost.

    -Kirk Matheson
    kmatheson, Jan 14, 2005
  5. Deke

    jdoe Guest

    YEah I know about those small buttons but that's primarily because the unit
    you have is not a stock size (1.5 din) it's a single din unit. The Pioneer
    and Alpine units (Jensen too) are easy to operate with larker controls and
    displays and so on. THey also perform better overall than the stock unit.
    They're a little harder to find but you might check Crutchfield.com
    jdoe, Jan 14, 2005
  6. LOTS of these on Ebay. Search:
    (chrysler,dodge,plymouth,jeep) CD FM
    Daniel J. Stern, Jan 14, 2005
  7. I can't speak for the original poster, but the reason why I will not use
    these aftermarket items is their catering to the riceboyzzzz with
    distracting multicolored, flashing/dancing graphic displays.
    Daniel J. Stern, Jan 14, 2005
  8. Deke

    jdoe Guest

    Not all of them Dan but yes some do.
    jdoe, Jan 14, 2005
  9. Deke

    Deke Guest

    Thanks Dan, been looking at Ebay. They seem to be going for about the same
    price as the one I found from a repair shop, with warranty. Plus I got a
    response on the alt.autos.Dodge site that I'm checking into.
    If I have to pay $150, I'll go with the local one with warranty.
    And I agree with your post about all the flashing/moving crap on the new
    stereo stuff. Drives my peripheral vision bonkers.
    Thanks Bud!

    Deke, Jan 15, 2005
  10. Deke

    Deke Guest

    Thanks Kirk, but to respond to all, I've HAD IT with menus.
    I want physical controls I can put my fingers on, in the dark, by touch, at
    70 MPH. The stock units are the only one that I can find that let you do
    that with physical controls, without menus, or having to actually look at
    the unit to make an adjustment.
    Deke, Jan 15, 2005
  11. Deke

    Deke Guest

    Already went to Crutchfield and looked, as well as every other electronics
    sales site I could find. Everything after-market is menu driven, with
    shuttle/jog wheels.
    I'm over menus, sub-menus, and tiny displays.
    Thanks anyway.
    Deke, Jan 15, 2005
  12. Deke

    Richard Guest

    Just put in a new Sony unit in another car and it has the option to turn off
    all moving displays.

    Richard, Jan 18, 2005
  13. Deke

    rob Guest

    try eBay...lots of em

    rob, Jan 19, 2005
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