lebaron water pump removal

Discussion in 'LeBaron' started by chico5896, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. chico5896

    chico5896 Guest

    Just got a 90 lebaron, for free it was not runing and we got it running now
    the water pump is leaking like a siv, its a 3.0, run by the timing belt,
    have it apart up to the pump is in hand but the backing plate will not
    come off any suggestions on how it comes off?
    any help would be apreciated and yes the curse of the quarter window lives
    chico5896, Jul 13, 2005
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  2. chico5896

    maxpower Guest

    There are 5 12mm bolts and a bracket at the top of the pump held with a
    12mm bolt, you may have to pry the pump off the water tube because the seal
    will be stuck to the pump.

    Glenn Beasley
    Chrysler Tech
    maxpower, Jul 13, 2005
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  3. chico5896

    chico5896 Guest

    thanks for the info, but I am assuming you are speaking of the backing
    plate being stuck to the water tube as it is 2 pcs, once again thanks
    chico5896, Jul 14, 2005
  4. chico5896

    maxpower Guest

    Well the pumps that I use come complete from the dealer. Backing plate and
    all. I would highly recommend using a mopar pump for this vehicle
    maxpower, Jul 14, 2005
  5. chico5896

    chico5896 Guest

    thank you, I apprecaiate the help, one mopar pump coming up
    chico5896, Jul 14, 2005
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