Leaking water pump, why?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Bill D, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. Bill D

    Bill D Guest

    I have a '95 Eagle Vision with the 3.5L V6. Now that winter is approaching
    and it is getting cooler, the water pump has developed a slight leak, about
    5 drops per night. Questions: 1. Why doesn't it leak in the summer? Perhaps
    a seal shrinks when cold? Is this common? 2. I know that to replace the
    pump is a major pain and I'll need to do the timing belt at the same time.
    What will happen if I continue to procrastinate? The pump was replaced at
    about 35K miles and the car now has just 70K miles on it. Seems it ought to
    last longer than 35K miles????
    Bill D, Oct 16, 2004
  2. ....because the seal wasn't worn out last summer. It is now. The leak will
    not cease when the weather warms up. The connection you're making ("Now
    that winter is approaching and it is getting cooler...") is not real.
    The pump, rather than you, will get to decide the time and place of
    replacement. Its choice will almost certainly be less convenient and more
    costly than your choice would be.
    You're right, it should. In this case, it didn't. Are you certain you got
    the new-design components?
    Daniel J. Stern, Oct 16, 2004
  3. Bill D

    maxpower Guest

    It all depends on where you bought the first pump from, After market??, Teh
    first sign of the leak i would replace it...with an oem part
    maxpower, Oct 16, 2004
  4. Bill D

    Ken Pisichko Guest

    In all deference to D.S. and maxpower's collective commentary.........

    I replaced a water pump on my wife's 1984 240 GL Volvo with a Volvo water pump
    (from the local dealer). It "went" the following year at less than 15,000 km.
    The dealer was as surprised as I was. They gave me another one at no charge. The
    one they gave me has lasted over 10 years and about 100,000 km.

    Just like there is no accounting for taste, there is no accounting for
    "reliability". If there was reliability, no one in North america (Canada and the
    USA) would die before 70 years of age, and by 80 years of age we'd all die. It
    issntso izzit?

    Ken Pisichko, Oct 18, 2004
  5. Bill D

    maxpower Guest

    The water pumps on that yr vehicle leaked alot, Due to from what i was told,
    the pumps were not thick enough and they were warping and causing leaks, an
    updated water pump gasket came out and that did not eliminate the problem so
    chrysler updated the pump and used more metal to prevent it from
    warping..where do you thnk all the old(bad) parts went to??? the after
    market rebuilders., and then back out onto the vehicles, thats why i asked
    if it was an OEM part....
    maxpower, Oct 18, 2004
  6. Bill D

    Steve Guest


    2. I know that to replace the
    Actually, its very simple on that car. Nice removable cover panels,
    minimal accessories in the way. All in all, replacing a water pump
    doesn't get much easier unless you drive a car with an old Chrysler 383
    or 440 engine.
    Worst case- the bearing seizes, tears up the timing belt, and the car
    stalls. Its a non-interference engine so it won't trash the valves, but
    it could strand you unexpectedly. Its also quite likely that it is not
    the water pump leaking at all, but rather the O-rings where the timing
    cover housing attaches to the front face of the engine block. In that
    case, the leak will just keep growing (slowly) and you'll have to keep
    the reservoir full if you don't want to burn up the engine.

    Aftermarket water pumps for that car are notoriously spotty in quality.
    Stick to a quality auto parts store (NAPA, CarQuest) and get the
    top-line water pump and not the "economy" line.
    Steve, Oct 18, 2004
  7. Bill D

    Bob Shuman Guest


    I've read all the other responses you've received and can relate to your
    antifreeze leak problem during cold weather. I am posting this additional
    response since I did not see my experience covered by anyone else's replies.

    I had exactly the same experience with my 3.5L 1996 Eagle Vision. I
    replaced the first water pump at about 22K miles, but about a year after the
    three year warranty expired. The symptom was that it dripped just a few
    small drops on the garage floor occasionally after I had it out. I replaced
    the water pump and the timing belt at the same time (as long as I was in
    there) and this fixed my problem. (I was told at the time there was a
    problem with the early water pump design, but the replacement pumps were
    improved and should last a lot longer.)

    It was fine for about 4 or so more years and at about 60K miles, it started
    leaking again, but only during the late fall and early spring (in colder
    weather). Since the water pump fixed it previously, I bought another pump
    and belt (and also purchased a new tensioner, idler and all new rubber
    hoses since these were all due for maintenance) and went at it again. When
    I put everything back together, I found that I still had the exact same

    I subsequently took off the timing belt cover and ran the engine up to
    temperature to see where the leak was coming from. I discovered that it was
    coming from between the alloy housing that was located between the cast iron
    block and the water pump. I then disassembled everything again (I got very
    good at it) and when I took off this front water pump housing (it requires
    removal of the passenger side cam sprocket) I found significant corrosion
    of the back side of the housing around where the large rubber O-ring
    (identical to the one used for the water pump) is located. I believe this
    was caused by use of the dissimilar metals in the design with the antifreeze
    acting as an electrolyte.

    I used a good stiff wire brush attachment on my drill press to clean this
    all up very well and then put a very fine layer of blue gasket former RTV on
    both surfaces before reinstalling with new O-rings (there are three of them,
    one large, two small). I cleaned and retorqued all the bolts to their
    proper settings and then reinstalled the water pump. When I put everything
    back together it did not leak and has been fine for about two years now.
    I'm hoping the RTV will seal the small corrosion pits and help prevent the
    dissimilar metals from coming into contact.

    Since I know of at least one neighbor who had this exact same leak develop
    on this engine, I strongly encourage you to remove the housing and make sure
    these O-rings get replaced at the same time that you do the water pump.

    Good luck!

    Bob Shuman, Oct 19, 2004
  8. Bill D

    Ken Pisichko Guest

    Chrysler has what to do with designing Volvo pumps?
    Ken Pisichko, Oct 20, 2004
  9. Bill D

    Mike Behnke Guest

    OP was inquiring about pump on a '95 Eagle Vision w/3.5L. Read the
    previous posts.
    Mike Behnke, Oct 20, 2004
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