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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Programbo, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Programbo

    Programbo Guest

    Hello. My 1994 Jeep Cherokee has been having an intermittent neutral
    starter switch problem for a few years now..Every few weeks it would
    not start (Nothing would happen actually except dash lights would come
    on. If I put it in reverse the backup lights wouldn`t come on at that
    point.)..If I put the Jeep in neutral it would start right up and go
    back to operating normally for weeks or months til it happened again.
    It got to happen more and more and finally today it wouldn`t start
    even in neutral. I HAVE to get the Jeep moving tomorrow morning as it
    is sitting on National Park property and the rangers were kind enough
    to let me leave it there overnight just this once. I tried taking the
    neutral starter switch off before we left so I'd have it with me when
    I went to get a new one but it seemed as if it wouldn`t pull off of
    the lettle stud it is mounted to. It almost seemed as if the stud was
    pulling out with it....The bottom line is I have to get that thing
    back home tomorrow...Should I be able to simply run a jumper wire
    between the battery positive post and the smaller terminal on the
    solenoid and have it start with the key in the on/run position?..I
    should have tried it up at the park but it was already dark and cold
    and I was flustered about them getting ready to lock up and it slipped
    my mind...Thanks for any quick input...PS: I am cross posting this as
    I need an answer by early tomorrow so I hope someone on some board
    will read this tonight and have some quick advice
    Programbo, Jan 5, 2009
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