I hope Chrysler gets their "stuff" together with the new 2007 Sebrings

Discussion in 'Sebring' started by Scott Koprowski, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. With the introduction of the 2007 Ultima and 2007 Camry the midsize market
    is even tougher. I'm a die hard Chrysler fan and was hoping for a Civic
    competitor with the Caliber but it seems Chrylser failed. I'm starting to
    be afraid the Sebring will again be another disappointment. I've seen the
    spy shots and it looks a little underwhelming. I have not even heard if they
    are going to update the V6 2.7L engines- which are way behind the engines
    that are used in the Honda/Toyota/Nissan midsize cars. I hope I'm wrong.

    Scott Koprowski, Apr 14, 2006
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  2. Don't worry about it, I thought the new 300C with the itty bitty
    windows and the giant butt-ugly grill would flop but apparently the
    new car purchasers of today have absolutely zero taste in good
    auto styling. If the new Sebring is butt-ugly, based on what is
    selling now, they will sell a ton of them. In fact the uglier it is
    the more they will sell.

    Ted Mittelstaedt, Apr 14, 2006
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  3. Hi Ted,

    I love the 300C ;)... I drive one as a company car, and yeah, it's a love
    it or hate it styling... but to me, it's hot. It screams authority!!

    The Caliber is nice too!! I'd love that for a personal car, sure, it's
    different!! And its priced REALLY competitively.

    I don't think anything can really beat it!


    The old Sebring was fine, sure, not as good as the others, BUT.. $$$ it's
    still cheaper than the rest.. and Chrysler styling has really improved over
    the other US manufacturers.
    Robert Gilroy, Apr 14, 2006
  4. Scott Koprowski

    Dave Gower Guest

    Personally I'm not interested in the Civic (yawn) nor would I be interested
    in a DC-made Civic clone. But I might well consider a Caliber when my Focus
    wagon comes to trade-in time. It's interesting, and offers a lot more
    versatility than either the Civic or Corolla.
    Dave Gower, Apr 14, 2006
  5. I guess my main beef is the gas mileage with the Caliber- it's nothing to
    write home about. I was hoping for more mid to upper 30's for highway.
    Scott Koprowski, Apr 14, 2006
  6. I spent a year deciding if I loved or hated the 300C, I finally decided I
    loved it and bought one. Chrysler has hit on the right formula, highly
    distinctive cars that generate strong reactions. It doesn't matter if 90%
    of the public hates your car if 10% love it so much they'll buy one at any
    price. GM and Ford are heading towards bankruptcy because the only way
    they have to sell a car is with huge rebates. Any company has to have a
    value proposition to sell their products. Toyota gets premium prices
    because their cars have a reputation for reliability. Toyota's cars are
    all dull and uninteresting with the exception of their hybrids which the
    tree hugging crowd finds exciting. But they don't have to discount because
    people know that the transmission isn't going to fall out of them and that
    they'll be able to sell them in 10 years. Chrysler can never compete with
    Toyota on Toyota's terms and they are smart not to try. Instead they've
    been able to write their own rule book. You don't buy a Chrysler for fuel
    economy, durability, or resale value because those all suck on Chryslers.
    You buy a Chrysler because it offers more performance then anything else
    in it's class or because it's in a class by itself. Chrysler got there
    with minivans and SUVs before anyone else and they had a long profitable
    run before everyone else caught up. With the 300C they came out with a
    radically styled sedan at a time when everyone else was putting all of
    their design money into yet another SUV. The 300C also has the performance
    of a car that cost's $20K more, when I was shopping last year the only
    other cars that had a V8 and AWD cost >$60K. As a result they don't have
    to offer any discounts on the 300C and they are the only Detroit auto
    company making money. It's doubtful if they can make any money on Calibers
    because of the price point, but if thats the car where a generation of
    kids lose their virginity (it looks like that's the design goal for
    the Caliber) then they'll have a bunch of customers for the future.
    General Schvantzkoph, Apr 14, 2006
  7. Scott Koprowski

    Guest Guest

    I'm not looking for a Civic, but the Caliber has my interest for my next
    car for which I need a smaller wagon. Much easier to load golf bags.

    I'm wondering about the the spy shots that scared you. Does it have
    another Chrysler macho truck like front end and grill?

    Yes the 2.7 is a good engine, but how much betterit should be with VVT.
    Perhaps the Caliber engine designers will get the job, although I
    haven't heard any solid info on the Caliber engine performance.
    By performance I mean fuel mileage as well as acceleration.

    Since my wife will probably keep her 2001 Sebring for another 10 years,
    she and I don't care what the coming configuration is. As long as it's
    back to reasonable for us in YR 2015, but by then our needs are sure
    to be different than today.
    Guest, Apr 15, 2006
  8. Scott Koprowski

    Guest Guest

    Hopefully for Chrysler the new Sebring will be the same success as for
    the 300, but if the change is to a different type of car than the
    Sebring now is the customers will be different, as the 300 customers are
    different than the LH car customers.
    The turned off customers will do what the LH turned off customers did;
    buy elsewhere.
    Guest, Apr 15, 2006
  9. Scott Koprowski

    Guest Guest

    It interests me for my next car in 3 or 4 years.
    I've only seen the bottom three models and the upholstery does not whet
    my appetite.
    Driving it may also tell another story.

    My test drives are at least a few day rental. A test drive around the
    block is a complete waste of my time.

    So far the Caliber passes my "sit in it" test and the functional test,
    although I'm not too interested in a pop cooler in the dash. <:)
    Guest, Apr 15, 2006
  10. Scott Koprowski

    Guest Guest

    We are in agreement.

    I've also looked at the Caliber's cousin, the new Mercedes B200.
    Very nicely fitted out vehicle, but it just looks too much like the all
    to common Matrix.
    Guest, Apr 15, 2006
  11. Scott Koprowski

    Guest Guest

    Last year Toyota said they could drop prices a bit, but they sell well
    at their current prices and they also said they they don't want to hurt
    GM any more at this time.
    A new Toyota plant in Ontario has been significantly increased in size
    while in final design because demand warrants it.
    Yes Toyotas are dull and Chrysler doesn't always compete directly with
    them, except that the Sebring competes with the Camry and the Caliber
    competes with the Matrix. At our golf course I actually mistook a B-200
    for a Matrix, not nice for a car that costs twice as much.

    As for quality I could tell you a real story on a local VW service rep
    who bought a Toyota. Yes he still had his job the last I heard, but
    lost his friendship with his boss. His wife works at Toyota and they
    compared notes re customer's problems. >:)
    Not true in the NA North West, where the number of 300s is low. Here
    mid sized and smaller cars, then truck/large SUVs sell best.
    I can count on two hands the Magnums I've seen here since they came out.
    In 3 minutes I can't count on two hands the Toyotas I see here.
    The 300 and Pacifica are discounted here in Vancouver, BC and you'd
    be shocked as I am at the discounted prices on 2005s, both used and the
    new ones still FS. This weeks ads even had a number of unsold Chrysler
    2005 large trucks and Jeeps. Gasoline is very expensive here and is
    taking it's toll on gas eaters.
    It's all about volume, in many countries around the world.
    I feel they will sell a ton of them, but my observation of the Chrysler
    dealer I pass each day is it's starting very slow. That dealer still
    has his first two, plus a few more, after about 3 weeks.
    However I have seen a few on the road and I'm betting by summer they
    will be more common on the road than the 300s sold here.
    The Caliber customers may surprise Chrysler as much as Honda was
    surprised by the Element buyers. The Element here is a lady's car.

    Seeing the Matrix buyers locally, I know it won't just be just the
    young. The Matrix buyers here tend to be middle aged women.
    I'm expecting the Caliber will be a middle aged and perhaps older man's
    city car. That has been the case with the two I've seen on the road so
    Guest, Apr 15, 2006
  12. Scott Koprowski

    frenchy Guest

    I saw spy photos of the new Sebring and don't like it. It sounds like
    they are going to base the convertible on that body too so I may have
    to buy one of the current models sooner than I think, before they
    frenchy, Apr 15, 2006
  13. in re: the old Sebring

    in case this wasn't posted here b4: Chrysler has sold the entire
    production line for the Sebring/Stratus fo Russia where they will build

    Good Luck, Ivan.........but if Chrysler retains the rights to
    replacement transmission lines, they'll have quite a source of income
    for years!
    Itsfrom Click, Apr 15, 2006
  14. Scott Koprowski

    Steve Guest

    You mean they can't build over-rated generic people movers bland enough
    to make a tree sloth die of boredom?

    Steve, Apr 19, 2006
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