Honest Performance Specs Law Needed

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Nomen Nescio, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Nomen Nescio

    Nomen Nescio Guest

    When you have nothing better to do, read about the Brantly. You will see
    the manufacturer gives honest specifications for this marvelous machine.
    Example: Hover ceiling 3525 feet at maximum gross weight at 59 degrees F at
    standard atmospheric pressure.

    On the contrary, Chrysler will quote the gas mileage of their cars with it
    all stripped with the spare tire removed, an empty gas tank, tires pumped
    up to double rated pressure and a lone pip-squeak driver behind the wheel
    driving downhill with a tailwind.

    How about some honest specs with the car maxed out with passengers, gas,
    and cargo and a full roof rack? They're not going to do this voluntarily
    because it would make their cars look like a lumber wagon in acceleration
    and cornering, not to mention a petrol swine. Its going to take a Federal
    Law to give them religion and square with us on the window sticker.
    Nomen Nescio, Aug 22, 2005
  2. Nomen Nescio

    Guest Guest

    I've been getting the Chrysler EPA mileage specs for some years on
    several different Chrysler models.
    Easy on that right foot will get the EPA for you as well.
    Guest, Aug 23, 2005

  3. The numbers are still good for comparison since all the car companies use the
    same tricks to get their numbers up. The real blame is with the government
    agency that allows this to happen. I can say that my T&C highway numbers are
    right on the money. The city number is way optimistic. I've never been able
    to come close to the city number.
    Alex Rodriguez, Aug 23, 2005
  4. http://www.epa.gov/otaq/mpg.htm


    "Bluewater Network Petition"

    on that page.

    Note also that the last highway appropriations bill requires EPA to change
    the formula, see:


    Ted Mittelstaedt, Aug 26, 2005
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