Help, 1986 Chrysler LeBaron Window Lift Gear Kit

Discussion in 'LeBaron' started by Michael, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    I ordered the one that PartsAmerica recommend. Got it in the mail and
    it's the damn wrong one. on the LeBaron, it has two gears, which are
    connected to one another, both being plastic. The PartsAmerica one has
    a plastic gear, then a completely wrong size metal one. Does anyone
    know the source for the correct rear window gear kits?


    Michael, Nov 27, 2005
  2. Michael

    maxpower Guest

    Mike what was the original post?

    Glenn Beasley
    Chrysler Tech
    maxpower, Nov 27, 2005
  3. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Sorry, but what are you asking?


    Michael, Nov 27, 2005
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