Headlight issues (After ballasts have been replaced)

Discussion in 'Chrysler 300' started by Gongoozler1987, Aug 14, 2023.

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    Aug 14, 2023
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    Hello all and thanks in advance.

    I have a V6 300 LX MY16 Chrysler 300c that has recently began to have some headlight issues in both headlights.
    First I did the usual changing the globes and checking the fuses then after issues still I searched this forum and found that it is a common problem regarding the ballasts so I took the car to the auto elec and they ordered some replacement ones and fitted them. After a week one of the headlights stopped working again so I took it back and they stated one of the ballasts were faulty and ordered in 2, replacing both for free as they feared the other maybe also.

    The problem that has since risen is that 'randomly' the cars headlights (the LED strips still come on) wont come on when we first start the car. It will work after we run the car for a little while and then turn it off and on again but there seems to be no reasons for the way it sometimes does not come on. We have tried starting the car with the headlights off, on and auto to which makes no difference.

    We have since taken it back to the Auto elec who proceeded to check the wiring and also tested 'installing jumper wires from the PDC to the headlamp connectors' ( MOPAR Tech Service Bulletin) which caused the one tested not to work at all so reverted it back.

    We are playing around with the idea that it maybe a software issues? though no failure codes or alerts are coming up on their diagnosis systems, we also thought the idea that something is messing with the 'auto calibration' cycle the headlight does when first starting the car up causing it to not work the first time? Is it possible the ballasts (not being original but after market) are not right (though I have no seen anyone else who uses aftermarket have issues). Everything matched on the ballasts purchases as to what was on the car (just not original ones)

    The battery, fuses, wires and amount of power seems to be fine and no issues there.

    Hope this has provided enough information, can answer any questions or edit if needing more info/missing something

    If anyone has any suggestions on where to looks or something to try, very much appreciated

    Gongoozler1987, Aug 14, 2023
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