General Lee paint scheme on 76 Aspen Coupe?

Discussion in 'Other Models' started by Rick From Boston, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. I'd like to have the Dukes of Hazard General Lee paint scheme on my 76
    Aspen. Are there any licensing issues to work out prior to doing this?
    Also, I'd like to get a hat with "Rich Corinthian Leather" embroidered on
    the front.
    Rick From Boston, Jul 4, 2004
  2. Rick From Boston

    ThaDriver Guest

    That's a question for a lawyer, but I'd say you would have no problems with
    it. I've seen it on a few cars over the years.
    I can do it for you if you like - I do custom paint. (I'm above Atlanta)
    As a side note, I have a factory rear spoiler & side window louvers for a
    '76 Roadrunner (same body as your Aspen). Very rare peices, never
    installed (NOS), need only painting to match your car & installing. The
    louvers came with windshield urethane-type sticky strips; you'll need to
    replace that (not too sticky after 28 years).
    If interested email me at ImThaDriver at
    ~ Paul
    aka "Tha Driver"

    Giggle Cream - it makes dessert *funny*!
    ThaDriver, Jul 7, 2004
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