FS:Thingamadohicky to open/lock door with panic button for 2005 PT

Discussion in 'Chrysler Parts For Sale / Trade' started by BudE, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. BudE

    BudE Guest

    BudE, Jan 28, 2006
  2. BudE

    Punch Guest

    Punch, Jan 29, 2006
  3. BudE

    BudE Guest

    Less than one cent apiece????!!!! Yikes! I've been had.

    BudE, Jan 29, 2006
  4. BudE

    SBlackfoot Guest

    Keyless entry remote fob?
    SBlackfoot, Jan 29, 2006
  5. BudE

    BudE Guest

    Thank you,

    BudE, Jan 30, 2006
  6. BudE

    woody Guest

    Just out of curiosity, what does fob stand for?
    woody, Feb 2, 2006
  7. BudE

    Bill Putney Guest

    It's not an acronym - it is a word. Years ago, it was a term for a
    special pocket in the front of pants or vest for a pocket watch. It
    also means a short chain or ribbon attached to a pocket watch which was
    left hanging out of the pants or vest fob (pocket) - hence the common
    term "watch fob". It also means an ornament or seal attached to such a
    chain or ribbon - probably the reason the remotes are called fobs.
    Another similar term is "pendant" (something handheld).

    ref: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fob

    Bill Putney
    (To reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    address with the letter 'x')
    Bill Putney, Feb 2, 2006
  8. In this context, nothing. It's a word, not an acronym.

    In the shipping industry, it means "Free On-Board".
    Daniel J. Stern, Feb 2, 2006
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