Front suspension "clunk" '94 Concorde

Discussion in 'Concorde' started by Dave A., Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Dave A.

    Dave A. Guest

    My 94 Concorde with 137K miles is getting a bit tired but I need to keep in
    running safely for a few more months so any suggestions will be appreciated.
    It's the 3.3L V-6 if that matters.

    I have a "clunk" that I hear and feel in the front suspension. It's hard to
    reproduce but can be heard and felt while turning and hitting a large bump
    like a speed bump in a parking lot. It feels like something is moving then
    popping back into place. I had a "front end specialist" look it over and
    all he could see was a worn tie rod end which he replaced. I can't see
    anything loose or anything that shows signs of moving when it shouldn't.
    The motor & transmission mounts look good. This clunk is noticible at low
    speeds although the car handles fine otherwise - no shakes, no pulling,
    straight, even braking, etc.

    I had a similar problem a year ago and the mechanic found that a large nut
    on one of the suspension arms had backed off about 6 turns which allowed the
    arm to move. He assurres me that the nuts are tight now but I still have
    the problem.

    I'm concerned that I have an unsafe car on my hands despite what the
    mechanic said. I'd appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

    Best regards,

    Dave A., Dec 14, 2004
  2. Dave A.

    Art Guest

    I know you said that transmission mounts were ok but it sure sounds like the
    rear AT mount especially if you feel the clunk under the gear shift console
    when parking at a verticle angle.
    Art, Dec 14, 2004
  3. Steering rack mount bushings. Very common to the car. Very inexpensive to
    Daniel J. Stern, Dec 14, 2004
  4. Dave A.

    Bill Putney Guest

    Worn sway bar bushings and sway bar end links are a common source of
    such noise on these (relatively inexpensive and easy to replace). It
    also may be the struts. Unfortunately, with these symptoms, it's hard
    to pin it down to a particular component unless you see obvious wear or
    damage in one. It's probably a safe bet that the struts need replacing
    at this mileage, and they could very well be the noise you're hearing
    (side play between the strut rod and cylinder making a sort of banging
    noise on bumps) - I'm needing to replace them in my Concorde at 130k
    miles for that very reason.

    Unles you have a gut feeling about what the problem is, I'd replace sway
    bar bushings first. The sway bar end links will have obvious play if
    they are the problem - they cost around $40 each for the part. Then, if
    by process of elimination, you still have the problem, then plan on struts.

    Items others have mentioned are a possibility too: Steering rack and
    tranny mounts.

    Bill Putney
    (To reply by e-mail, replace the last letter of the alphabet in my
    adddress with the letter 'x')
    Bill Putney, Dec 14, 2004
  5. Dave A.

    Steve Guest

    That sound is USUALLY sway bar end-links on that car. Very easy to
    replace, fairly inexpensive. It could also be either the steering
    rack-to-chassis bushings, or the tie-rod-to-steering-rack bushings.
    Neither of those is an immediate safety hazard, but should be fixed.
    Also fairly easy to do, but not as easy as the sway bar end-links.
    Steve, Dec 14, 2004
  6. Dave A.

    Rick Guest

    Replace the sway bar to frame bushings first, they are under $10.
    Rick, Dec 14, 2004
  7. Dave A.

    mic canic Guest

    call a dealer with your vin and see if the control arm mounts are under recall
    if not check the sway bar links and inner toierod bushings
    mic canic, Dec 15, 2004
  8. Dave A.

    Steve Guest

    But they rarely wear out, whereas the end-links are known to wear out
    fairly often. And the end-links are a lot easier to replace (you have to
    remove them before you can replace the bar-to-frame bushings anyway).
    Steve, Dec 15, 2004
  9. Dave A.

    rudyannall2 Guest

    I've tried to get help on this site and in the archives to cure a
    crunch sound when my '97 MV goes over a bump or in a driveway dip.
    Other people withthe same problem say it's very elusive to repair and
    several have replaced rubber grommets and engine mounts...some
    without success.
    I had similar problem on 97 dodge Mv with 75000 mi.

    I jacked up the MV and turned the wheels to the side so I could see
    the condition of the rubber grommets on the sway bar etc. They
    looked fine but I happened to have a spray can of "belt dressing" so
    I sprayed all that I could see...between the metal and the rubber.

    Wonders never more crunching noise!
    Probably any lubricant would work.

    rudyannall2, Dec 18, 2004
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