EVS-II "Security Plus System" / 2000 Grand Cherokee install / parking lights and horn honk?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Robert Giles, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Robert Giles

    Robert Giles Guest

    Hi folks - I just purchased an EVS-II "Security Plus System" (Mopar
    P/N: 82204268) and the wiring harness for the '99+ Grand Cherokee
    (Mopar P/N: 82204685).

    I've wired everything up except the under-hood siren, dash LED and
    disable switch. Based on the clicking sounds coming from one of the
    two internal EVS-II relays, the unit appears to arm, disarm and
    trigger properly: lock the vehicle and open a door... EVS-II starts
    clicking for 60 seconds... pauses 10 seconds... then repeats (until
    you disarm/unlock the system). Starter kill engages fine. But I'm
    not seeing any parking light flashing, nor is there any horn honk that
    I would expect to see featured in the factory-installed version of the
    EVS-II. I *am* seeing a pulsating +12V on one terminal of an EVS-II
    relay, which would appear to be for parking lights or horn honk, but
    that same on/off +12V isn't showing up anywhere on the EVS-II harness
    going out to the rest of the vehicle.

    There weren't any specific connections to parking lights or the horn
    that I could tell on the wiring harness:

    - two connections spliced into the driver door harness ("lock motor"
    and "unlock motor")
    - one connection spliced into the passenger door harness ("unlock
    - one connection spliced into the courtesy light connection under the
    - 3 wires coming off the ignition harness (pink, blue, yellow), looks
    like for starter kill and system power.
    - ...and of course ground.

    I'd heard there was some kind of "data bus" on newer Chrysler vehicles
    that handled things like parking light flash and horn honk... is that
    the case here? Or, is the add-on EVS-II system incapable of parking
    light flash / horn honk on the GC?

    I'd appreciate any ideas you all have... kinda stuck on this one!

    Thanks in advance.

    Robert Giles
    Robert Giles, Nov 24, 2003
  2. Robert Giles

    mic canic Guest

    code alarm makes the system for d.c so give their tech dept. a call and
    they will help you out
    mic canic, Nov 27, 2003
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