Door Locks Don't Work with Alarm System

Discussion in 'PT Cruiser' started by ptgirl, Aug 20, 2023.

  1. ptgirl


    Aug 19, 2023
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    I have an 06 PT Cruiser which I have to manually lock/unlock the doors. A couple months ago I had issues with the doors automatically locking with the Keyfob in the winter. Then I changed the battery in the keyfob, it began to work again. Then in the summer the doors would lock when I pressed the lock button so I thought what was going on was fixed. Although, I would have to pressed the keyfob several times just to get the alarm system to work

    Now, the Keyfob only unlocks the front door and not the other locks. I called a mechanic and they said I need a locksmith but then I called a locksmith and they said I need a mechanic so I was confused on who I can ask to fix what's going on. Also, has this happened to any of you where the locks won't lock with the alarm system and you have to lock and unlock your doors manually. Then the door will unlock the driver's side only with the keyfob. Very weird.
    ptgirl, Aug 20, 2023
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