Does Chrysler really know how to sell the Pacifica?

Discussion in 'Pacifica' started by Antonin Borg, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. Antonin Borg

    Antonin Borg Guest

    I mean this seriously, but somewhat humorously. I live in Ontario,


    After considerable research and test drives, I've narrowed my choice
    down to either the Honda Pilot or the Pacifica. Obviously two vastly
    different vehicles, but we'd be happy with either of them.

    In all cases, I'm asking for a 48 month lease quote on $5000 down +
    fees & 20k km per year.

    On an MSRP $41k to $43k (depends which model of PIlot I choose), I can
    expect to pay between $475 & $500 per month after tax.

    On a Pacifica priced at around $45k, I get quotes of $675 or so.
    Having said that, I know that Chrysler is using much higher lease
    money rates. I have to question why?

    Very interesting, because in general, and specific to the Pilot,
    Honda has a decent track record of quality, so you wouldn't expect
    them to be willing to deal. On the other hand, the Chrysler is a new
    vehicle, with no track record, and you'd expect that they'd be trying
    to sell it agressively - I haven't seen many on the road.

    What gives? Why the huge difference?

    Antonin Borg, Jul 27, 2003
  2. Antonin Borg

    Thomas Guest

    I agree. The lease rates from Chrysler Financial Canada are ridiculously
    high (more than 7% for 48mos). I ended up purchasing my Pacifica in Toronto
    last month to take advantage of the 3.9% financing (although i think all the
    2003 vehicles qualify for the 0% 60mos rate). I think there are a lot of
    factors for the poor sales - DC trying to break into the luxury market,
    financing rates, mostly loaded vehicles at the dealerships, etc.

    Sometimes I think I'm the only Pacifica on the road in Toronto!
    Thomas, Jul 27, 2003
  3. Antonin Borg

    Kevin Guest

    When you lease a car you are paying for the deprecation over a fixed number
    of years plus a profit percentage. That would mean they want either a lot
    more profit or the car is expected to deprecate more that the Honda.
    Kevin, Jul 27, 2003
  4. Antonin Borg

    Antonin Borg Guest

    Yup, my impression would be that they are trying to milk these sales
    from a profit perspective, or they expect depreciation to be high
    (which is interesting for a vehicle aimed at the quasi-luxury

    I was also seriously considering the GMC Envoy, until the wife
    declared it to be too big for her (as the primary user). The lease
    rates between GM and Honda aren't all that far apart.

    I've leased many vehicles before, and rarely encounter one
    dealer/manufacturer that is so far out of line with respect to leasing
    rates for vehicles within the same price range (which the Pacifica
    obviously is).

    Antonin Borg, Jul 27, 2003
  5. Antonin Borg

    Antonin Borg Guest

    Dealer confirmed today that the lowest lease rate they can go to is
    Antonin Borg, Jul 29, 2003
  6. Antonin Borg

    Antonin Borg Guest

    Actually, there's no Financial Institution involved (at least not at
    my end). This is leased directly through Chrysler Financial.

    I don't think that it would be practical to purchase in the U.S.
    The exchange on our dollar is pretty significant.

    Having seen a few ads for Pacificas in one of the larger National
    newspapers, I think this is probably a situation where the local
    dealership and their Chrysler contacts just don't have their acts

    I already get discounts, as I do have a 2000 Caravan leased through
    Antonin Borg, Aug 1, 2003
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