Dodge 600 A413 transmission problem, please help!!

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by ary, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. ary

    ary Guest

    Hi ,
    I'm from Hungary, and I have a 1986 dodge 600 SE 2.5l non-turbo
    Automatic transmission, its shifts great without any noises, fluid is
    Dexron III, and always checked.

    The car has only 90k mile and in a very good shape, about 2 mounths ago
    the transmission started to leak, I went to my repair shop, he said its
    torque converter oil seal has to be replaced, I wasn't convinced, and
    later I saw that the leak is comming from the differential cover, I
    changed the gasket, then leak was stopped, 1 month later, it started to
    leak from the same place, again he said its is the torque converter oil

    they got the tranny down, they reilized that the leak came from the
    half shaft oil seal and NOT the torque converter seal, so they put it
    on again and here the problem started:

    when shift into R, N, D it drives forward!!!, but when shift to 1,2
    then it seems like its in "N"

    then, BACK from 2 or 1 to D,N,R NOTHING happens!!, then in P it drives
    forward, but get locked at once by "somthing I don't know but its what
    usually locks the trans in P"

    the mechanic said "I don't have ANY IDEA what can be this, I got 10s
    of trannys down and never happned like this before!!!!!!!"

    unfortunatly, US cars are extremly rare here in Hungary, so I write to

    I have the 3 1986 chrysler factory manuals.

    please help me in this problem, I'm totally in panic!!

    ary, Jan 10, 2006
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