Daimler Chrysler recalls 600,000 Durangos, Dakotas

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by MoPar Man, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. MoPar Man

    MoPar Man Guest

    NOTE: lots of posts dating back to 2000/2001 in alt.autos.dodge.trucks
    about premature wear and failure of upper ball joints in
    Durango/Dakota. It's about time DC did something about this. Problem
    is, seems it should include '96-'99 vehicles as well.

    I remember a newspaper article about a guy that went to DC to get them
    to repair the dammage caused by a wheel that flipped out because it
    came out of the ball joint. I think at first DCX refused, then they
    said they would if signed an agreement that he would never publicize
    the incident. He refused and had a private garage repair it and then
    he went public.

    DC definately gets a black eye over this one. So much for customer


    DCX recalls 600,000 Durangos, Dakotas
    December 11, 2004

    WASHINGTON -- Bowing to pressure from federal safety regulators,
    DaimlerChrysler AG said Friday it is recalling 600,000 Dodge Durango
    SUVs and Dakota pickups because of a defect that can cause their
    wheels to fall off.

    The recall affects four-wheel drive vehicles from the 2000-03 model
    years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommended
    the recall after a 16-month investigation revealed that the vehicles'
    upper ball joints could fail. If that happens, the suspension can
    collapse, and a wheel can fall off.

    DaimlerChrysler also is extending the warranty to 10 years or 100,000
    miles on the suspension upper ball joints on an additional 400,000
    Durango front-wheel drive SUVs and Dakota front-wheel drive pickups
    from model years 2000 to 2003. NHTSA didn't request a recall of the
    front-wheel drive versions, but DaimlerChrysler wanted to include
    those customers by extending their warranties, Chrysler Group
    spokesman Max Gates said.

    NHTSA announced a separate recall Friday of 2004 Durangos because a
    cable can short-circuit and cause a fire under the hood. There are
    71,763 vehicles involved in that recall.

    On Thursday, after word spread that NHTSA was requesting a recall,
    DaimlerChrysler acknowledged a problem with the ball joints but said
    it didn't believe it warranted a safety recall. DaimlerChrysler says
    there have been no reported injuries due to the defect that have been
    substantiated by the company. There also are no injuries due to ball
    joint failures listed in NHTSA's files.

    Gates said owners would hear noises before a ball joint failed.

    The automaker will repair vehicles for free starting next month. It
    costs between $750 and $1,200 to replace the ball joint, depending on
    the dealer and the area, according to a lawsuit filed against
    DaimlerChrysler by Durango owners in North Carolina. DaimlerChrysler
    said it will reimburse owners who already paid for the repair.When
    NHTSA opened its investigation in July 2003, there were 28 complaints
    about upper ball joint failure and five reports of crashes. NHTSA
    spokeswoman Liz Neblett couldn't provide updated numbers Friday.

    Some Dodge dealers were deluged with calls from worried Durango and
    Dakota owners Friday after news media reports of the problem.

    By afternoon, Ourisman Dodge in Alexandria, Va., had gotten 20
    telephone calls, service manager Oscar Chavez said. Chavez said he was
    forwarding calls to DaimlerChrysler.

    The frenzy over the Durango offered an unusual glimpse into the
    auto-recall process. NHTSA often sends letters recommending a recall,
    but the letters aren't usually publicized. The agency then works with
    automakers to determine when the recall will take place.

    In most cases, the recommendation is enough to spark a recall. The
    agency has taken automakers to court to force recalls nine times in
    its 34-year history, Neblett said. The last court action that resulted
    in a recall was in 1979, when NHTSA forced Fiat to recall vehicles
    because of a rust problem.

    While a recall of 600,000 vehicles is substantial, it's not the
    largest in the industry this year. In March, General Motors Corp.
    announced it was recalling nearly 4 million trucks because their
    tailgates could fall off.

    Meanwhile, Ford Motor Co. said Friday it is recalling about 474,000
    Ford Escape SUVs worldwide because of an accelerator problem that can
    cause the engine to race.

    The automaker said it does not know of any accidents or injuries
    related to the problem.

    The recalled vehicles are from model years 2002 to 2004.

    In addition, Honda agreed to replace the faulty oil filters believed
    responsible for engine fires in 2003-2005 CR-V sport utility vehicles.

    Honda will begin notifying approximately 295,000 CR-V owners of the
    potential for the vehicle to catch fire after its first oil change.
    Honda will also offer to inspect the oil filters of recently serviced
    CR-Vs and replace the filters free if necessary.
    MoPar Man, Dec 11, 2004
  2. MoPar Man

    boB Guest

    I don't think I've ever seen a front wheel drive Dakota or Durango.
    1997 HD FXDWG - Turbocharged!
    2001 Dodge Dakota QC 5.9/4x4/3.92
    1983 GMC Jimmy - Mountain Beater
    1966 Mustang Coupe - Daily Driver
    1966 FFR Cobra - Ongoing project
    boB, Dec 11, 2004
  3. MoPar Man

    Dan J.S. Guest

    Whats even worse, is some idiot on this newsgroup defended the ball
    joints... i had to replace mine 3 times on my 98 Durango. I sold the Durango
    and got a 2003 4 runner. 0 problems for the two years that I owned it.
    Dan J.S., Dec 11, 2004
  4. MoPar Man

    Speeker Guest

    I was looking at www.4adodge.com and there is a box to click search. Put in
    the word recall, and then it takes you to another page where you can enter
    the last few letters/numbers of your VIN.

    Now, I didn't go that far, but that's what I saw.

    Speeker, Dec 12, 2004
  5. MoPar Man

    tcrewe Guest

    Is there a WEBSITE that anyone knows of where I can check my 2000 DAKOTA P/U
    Or do I just call Daimler Canada ??
    tcrewe, Dec 12, 2004
  6. MoPar Man

    dick Guest

    I entered mine : VS281497 nothing happened
    dick, Dec 12, 2004
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