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Discussion in 'Concorde' started by robs440, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. robs440

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    bought a used 94 Concorde with only 68,000 on it. works great, but someone
    put on an ignition locking device some time in the past. turn the key on ,
    then push a button under the dash to get car to start. turn car off and
    about 5 min later it wont start unless you press button again. i noticed
    that when you press the button to deactivate it and start the car, it
    unlocks all the doors....don't know how it was wired yet. car came with an
    aftermarket alarm key fob with only 1 button on it and pressing it lights
    the light in the fob but does nothing to the car. it has the stock light in
    the dash board that should indicate the alarm on and such but i haven't
    found out yet how much of the stock stuff is still in the car, or what.

    so last night the family goes to the store, we all get out, lock the door
    with power lock switch. come back out 15 min later and the doors are
    unlocked. more testing when we got home found that the car is unlocking
    itself in about 5-7 min. anybody got any ideas what kind of ignition device
    this is and where it might be wired? also is the stock equip. under the
    hood or dash. the car also has the headlight delay but it doesnt work to my
    knowledge, but i havent tested it either. wonder if its wired into the
    headlight delay.

    the damn factory manual is getting ordered tomorrow!!
    robs440, Mar 7, 2004
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