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Discussion in 'Cirrus' started by KEVIN L FAIR, Jan 15, 2006.


    KEVIN L FAIR Guest

    Hey John, I have a 97 Cirrus with rear brake concerns. It was brought to me
    a couple weeks ago with a bad noise, when dis-assemble I found the right
    rear pads completely gone and wheel cylinder leaking, and of course a
    damaged drum. I replaced both rear wheel cylinders, both drums, shoes and
    all hardware. Within a couple of days she started experiencing a noise from
    the rear brakes, then she last the brakes. When I dis-assembled them, again
    I found the right rear wheel cylinder leaking and the shoes gone completely.
    It got so hot that it melted the rubber off of the wheel cylinder and the
    nylon insert of the hub nut. One of the retaining clips was missing and I
    assume that is what destroyed the abs sensor. Thought that maybe I left
    something loose and was my fault!! I replaced the drum and wheel cylinder
    and hub along with new shoes.
    Three days later the same noise is back, inspected the brakes and found
    everything ok so far. Noise comes and goes but is from the rear brakes, have
    you seen any big concerns with these brakes.

    BTW the ABS light was and is on, came on after the first destruction of the
    Tried to read codes with aftermarket scanner but could not access abs
    module, fuses and all that checked out. Looking like it may have to go to

    Also, all parts used have been aftermarket up to this point.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!!

    Kevin Fair
    KEVIN L FAIR, Jan 15, 2006

    philthy Guest

    it is your fault the rubber brake line is getting squeezed shut by the mounbt
    and you failed to see that
    philthy, Jan 15, 2006

    sattech2000 Guest

    yep went threw the same problem/process myself on a 95. In my case the
    rubber hose was NEVER kinked or pinched. From experience I knew the
    rubber hose was coming apart internally and that created a blockage
    which resulted in a very slow release. First time I just figured the
    wheel cylinder seals went bad but when I went to bleed the wheel
    cylinder I noticed very slow fluid coming out compared to other wheels.
    You'll most likely need to replace the ABS sensor also; I'm
    searching for one myself as I type this.

    sattech2000, Feb 14, 2006

    sattech2000 Guest

    Also you can do a pretty good job of testing the wheel sensor using a
    volt meter. It's been a while but I think has a
    resistance spec and on ac you should have a small amount of voltage
    generated when you spin the hub. I compared reading from both my rears
    and easily determined the sensor on the exploded side went bad.
    sattech2000, Feb 14, 2006
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